Hasan refuses treatment, claims doc threatened to infect him

Hasan refuses treatment, claims doc threatened to infect him

Khan, lodged in the jail ward on the fourth floor of opthalmology building at the J J Hospital, is not allowing any doctor to treat him, hospital sources told PTI today.

Khan, the Pune-based stud farm owner, is alleged to have stashed USD eight billion of laundered money in Swiss banks and evaded tax close to Rs 70,000 crore.

His lawyer had earlier complained to the Sessions Court that his client was facing severe health problems but Arthur Road Jail authorities were not providing proper treatment to him after which he was admitted to J J Hospital.

"Ever since he was admitted in the hospital, he has not allowed any doctor to treat him," T P Lahane, Dean of J J Hospital, said.

"Khan has alleged that a doctor demanded Rs one crore from him when he was alone in the ward. Khan claimed that the doctor threatened to inject him with HIV positive blood if he does not shell out the money. Since then he is not allowing anyone to treat him," said a source at the hospital.

The doctor in question has rubbished the claim and given it in writing to the hospital authorities who have submitted a report to the court concerned, the source said.

Confirming that Khan had indeed made such allegations, Lahane said, "We have informed the court about the incident."

When contacted, Khan's lawyer I Bagadia said,"All allegations against Khan are false. J J Hospital authorities are not sending a senior doctor to treat Khan."

In his complaint to the court, Khan had claimed he was suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney problems and heart ailments and had suffered a paralytic stroke.

"However, when we had examined him in October, we did not find any signs of a paralytic attack. His health condition was normal that time. We had done an MRI, a sonography and blood tests to ascertain his condition," Lahane said.

After being arrested by Enforcement Directorate(ED), Khan was granted bail by the Bombay High Court on August 12, but the Supreme Court cancelled it on September 30.