HI writes to SAI to not give national stadium for WSH

HI writes to SAI to not give national stadium for WSH

HI contended that the dates of the WSH matches and the national camps for the Olympic qualifiers are clashing and the two events happening at the same venue would result in "mess and indiscipline".

The men's camp is starting from December 11 and the women's camp will begin from December 27 while the WSH is scheduled to commence from December 17 at the same venue.

HI secretary general Narinder Batra expressed his concern by writing to SAI secretary Gopal Krishna.

"If the stadium is given to Nimbus to conduct their league at the National Stadium then it would disrupt the training schedule of India's men's and women's team for the Olympic qualifier. There will be total chaos and confusion," he wrote.

Batra also wrote that allowing Nimbus to host the event could also upset the FIH.
"The sports ministry has assured the FIH that it will not support any FIH un-sanctioned event and by this (allowing Nimbus to host WSH at National Stadium) it will be evident that the sports ministry is supporting FIH un-sanctioned event at the cost of training and preparation of the national team for the Olympic qualifier," Batra wrote.