Ramdas wants schools to ensure better attendance

Ramdas wants schools to ensure better attendance

SDMC and teachers should meet every second Saturday

reward: Medical education and district-in-charge minister S A Ramdas presents mementos to teachers at a programme held in Mysore on Tuesday to honour schools that secured 100 per cent results in SSLC exams during the last academic year. Dh photo

He was speaking after honouring schools that had posted 100 per cent results in SSLC exams during last academic year here at Jagan Mohan Palace. He also participated in an interactive programme aimed at brainstorming to improve results for the next academic year.

Some of the authorities from schools that did well, and also those who did not post satisfactory results last year, said schools weren’t able to help students as much as they want to, since students went to work in eateries and sand reserves for short-term gains.

Responding to this, Ramdas said there were reports that students were being engaged to work, to some extent at coffee plantations, largely at sand extraction sites, and this would be completely avoided with the new sand policy being implemented in the district.

“School authorities should draw up some plans to ensure 100 per cent attendance, by way of convincing students to attend classes. Police department should also join hands with schools to make this a success. This apart, labour department should take some steps to bring down instances of child labour, if any, in the district,” he said. Some of the schools in rural areas have followed some innovative methods to post cent per cent results. They should also stay focused on achieving this year too. “Steps would be taken to fill vacancies in schools. Similarly, teachers should also strive to engage students with innovative teaching methods,” he said.“School development and monitoring committees (SDMC) and teachers should meet every second Saturday. Refreshments should be provided, by seeking donations. In places where poor and labour class people live, such meetings should be held in the evening because parents do not attend during the day missing out on their meagre earnings, he stated.

About 52 schools, which posted cent per cent results in SSLC exams were presented with mementos.

The schools were also presented with English-Kannada dictionary. Deputy director of public instructions Nagendra Kumar welcomed the gathering. Rotary Club president Chittaranjan, secretary Sridhar and others were present on the occasion.