Bring on the twiss: Twitter is the new battleground for celebs

Bring on the twiss: Twitter is the new battleground for celebs

Be it the spat between popstars Lily Allen and Katy Perry or the exchanges between estranged couple Katy Price and singer Peter Andre, celebrities are flocking to the website to 'twiss' each other.

The word is amongst a host of other new usages which have been coined by the users of the website, including 'twiterrati' and 'tweeple' and refers to the often explicit jabs exchanged by people through Twitter.

Over the weekend, celebrity blogger Perez Hilton and British singer Lily Allen got into a 'twissing' match which was witnessed by the fans of both celebs, with the followers too forming into camps siding with their favourite.

"I'm sorry, we've already cast the jealous and bitter lonely old queen role. Next time eh," wrote Lily Allen, to which Hilton replied," Jealous of who? David Beckham, maybe. And if I wanted to be a stupid Brit, I'd rather be Amy Winehouse, whose got talent at least."

The exchange continued until the 'Smile' hitmaker who had previously got into a spat with 'I Kissed A Girl' singer Katy Perry, finally blocked Hilton.

Hilton was earlier slammed by Ashlee Simpson, after he posted a story about a drunken brawl between the 'Pieces of Me' singer and her rocker husband Pete Wentz.

"When all you do is make up untrue stories- look in the mirror. Do you even feel human? Your story is way off," the 'Pieces of Me' singer tweeted to which the blogger responded, "There are a lot of good rehab facilities in Malibu! You need that."

Twitter which was swiftly adopted by celebrities who saw it as a way to give the public a controlled peephole into their otherwise highly private lives, has now turned into a full blown battleground where they exchange verbal blows in the public arena.

British glamour girl Katie Price had made news when she used the website to claim that estranged husband, 'Mysterious Girl' Peter Andre cheated on her.

"Can't wait to see my children when they are back from Cyprus ! Pete he left me, cheat!" wrote Price who is popularly known as 'Jordan'.

The model, who is a favourite child of tabloids courtesy her barely there outfits and wild antics, was recently crowned most annoying celebrity on Twitter and her estranged husband Andre followed her to the second spot.

'Mean Girls' star Lindsay Lohan often uses her Twitter account to rebuke fellow celebrities, including on-off girlfriend Samantha Ronson

Lohan had recently put down the celebrity DJ's new reality show as "dumb" and during their much publicised break-up, the actress had taken to the website to vent her anger.

"Stop doing drugs and go to bed, U work hard and U need some rest. I am doing this publicly because U and your friends call People mag. Keep cheating U win," wrote the actress.

A cat fight broke out on Twitter, when former Playboy model Jayde Nicole called out reality TV star Audrina Patridge from the popular show 'Hills', for criticising her boyfriend, actor Brody Jenner.

"2 bad when u tried 2 make an appearance in Canada No One Showed Up!!! Watch your self the next time u open up ur mouth about my boy, you are the dumbest human being I have Ever met," tweeted Nicole.

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