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Crazy challenges

After the tight slap exchanged by Nitin and Himanshu on the last episode of Dadagiri, the contestants are getting prepared to face the dadas who only seem to be getting more cruel as the days pass by. The seventh episode of Dadagiri this Saturday, August 22, 7 pm on UTV Bindass is full of action packed stunts, completely whacked out dares and full throttle entertainment.

On day seven of the boot camp, the fighters are woken up at 5.30 am and allotted merely four minutes to get ready with breakfast and any extra time taken is to be added to their dare, which will take place in Vishal’s Macho Zone. Once the contestants reach the place, they realise the magnitude of fear that would engulf most on this dare.
The contestants have to hang upside down like a monkey, cross a bridge and collect ribbons at the end of it, return to the start and tie the ribbons at their respective coloured sections. The crazy enough dare just gets worse with the contestants having to bear with water gushing at them with enormous force and they have to use every inch of physical and mental strength to pull this off. The bottom three are sent away to Sonali’s Playground to face another one of her crazy dares.  At Sonali’s Playground, the
bottom three contestants have to pass six levels of the limbo game without touching the stick.

This they have to do after filling their stomachs after each level with extremely disgusting concoctions named juices. One of them would be the contestants having to chew five paans, spit it into a glass and drink the mixture while another one would be a combination of chicken sausages, ruhafza, tomato juice and chocolate sauce.
The one who comes out of this disgusting combination of juices and the limbo game in one piece has the privilege of not having to face the eliminations.
Watch the contestants as they struggle to survive the meanest show and face elimination in the seventh week of this journey.

The land of the rising sun

East of Asia is a land the ancients called Nippon, the origin of the sun. It’s a land of enigmas and secrets. An ancient world whose progressive ideas shape all our tomorrows. A land of dramatic contrasts encircled by the sea. Cut off from the ordinary, this unique world is ruled by the seasons. Discovery Atlas : Japan Revealed will showcase how the ancient and modern are warmly embraced by the Japanese through the eyes of an apprentice geisha, a tattoo artist and a robot-designing family. Though the lives of ordinary people, the programme uncovers the secrets of this remarkable nation. Watch Discovery Atlas : Japan Revealed at 9 pm on August 23 on Discovery Channel.

A battle with nature

National Geographic Channel reveals some of nature’s most unexpected enemies, baffling battles, and surprising survivors in Caught In the Act every Saturday at
9 pm. In this series, Nat Geo reveals some of nature’s most unexpected enemies, baffling battles, and surprising survivors. In the wild, where so many creatures are sharing the same space and resources, clashes are inevitable, but the opponents aren't always the animals we expect.

Every now and then, circumstances take an unusual turn, transforming the tiniest creatures into monsters, the fiercest predators’ hapless victims, and plant-munching prey into deadly enemies. Watch as cheetah coalitions wage war, a warthog takes on two lionesses, a lion is tossed above the heads of a buffalo herd and a jackal and vulture go head to head. All this and more, as some unusual enemies get caught in the act.

From bad to worse

Watch Dudley Do-Right as part of HBO Sunday Superhits on August 23 at 9 pm. The movie stars Brendan Fraser, Sarah Jessica Parker, Alfred Molina and Eric Idle.

Somewhere along the Canadian Rockies, dastardly villain S Whiplash and his band of outlaws seize the property of the townsfolk of Semi-Happy Valley and
organise a fake gold rush. With thousands of prospectors storming into the area, only a dedicated but dimwitted Mountie, Dudley Do-Right stands in Whiplash’s way.

Do-Right’s initial efforts to thwart Whiplash end disastrously and matters go from bad to worse when his girlfriend Nell Fenwick falls for the charm of his enemy. Stripped of his badge and his girl, the usually sweet and naive Do-Right transforms into a masked avenger determined to take revenge.

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