'40 points needed for British visa'

'40 points needed for British visa'

In a video conference interaction from Chennai with students from Bangalore, organised at the British Library, Hopkins said that the British government took the issue of fake certificates seriously.

“Students found in possession of any false documents will be barred for ten years,” he informed. These certificates were largely the handiwork of unscrupulous agents who misguide students, Hopkins added.

Elaborating on the point-based system in place for intake of students in September, the Officer said that students had to score 40 points to be eligible for a visa.
He also elaborated on the easing of restrictions relating to bank balance.

“Students had to show proof of the amount needed to manage tuition and living expenses for their course in their bank account for a period of 28 days earlier. It has been brought down to one day now, just the day the student applied for the visa.”

Students could work upto 20 hours a week when they were studying and were eligible to stay in UK and work for a maximum period of two years without procuring a work permit visa, he added.

Dhanashekarana, Head, UK Education, South India moderated the seminar from Chennai.