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Delhi: 14 Historic walks

Swapna Liddle
Westland, 2011, pp 274, 495
This book maps out well-known walking routes of Delhi, including world heritage sites like Qutub Minar, Red Fort, etc. This volume provides the reader with the historical and architectural significance of monuments along with interesting anecdotes.

The impossible dead

Ian Rankin
Hachette, 2011, pp 373, 595
Malcom Fox and his team of investigators have been sent to Fife to investigate whether fellow cops have covered up for a corrupt colleague, Detective Paul Carter. Seemingly a simple job, it is more complicated with intimations of conspiracy and cover-up.

Hot tea across india

Rishad Saam Mehta
Tranquebar, 2011, pp 188 195
A book on the journeys of Rishad Saam Mehta, a travel writer and road-trip junkie. No highway, road or dirt track in India can be seen without a chai stall. These cuppas come with interesting encounters and incidents that make travelling an exciting adventure.

Suits: A woman on wall street

Nina Godiwalla
Hachette, 2011, pp 350, 395
Nina’s fierce ambition pulled her to New York from Houston to become a banker. The taste of power only left her hungry for more. But would she have to lose her Southern accent and suppress her family’s
heritage to prove her worth on the trading floor?

The mind of the guru

Rajiv Mehrotra
Hay House, 2011, pp 302, 350
Rajiv Mehrotra presents dialogues with  gurus ranging from B K S Iyengar, who brought yoga to our
living rooms, to Deepak Chopra’s quantum healing of mind and body. Bringing forth a world of wisdom, this is a book on how we can make ourselves happy.

out of the blue

Aakash Chopra
Harper Sport, 2011, pp 262, 299
This is a story of Rajasthan Ranji Trophy team’s resurrection, against all odds. An inspiring true story of the players’ motivation, their passion for cricket, and of a cricket association that changed the rules of how domestic cricketers are groomed in India.

The average indian male

Cyrus Broacha
Random House, 2011, pp 244, 199
Cyrus attempts to deconstruct the subject: the average Indian male. He tackles the quirks and short comings of Indian men in his inimitable style and
unfailing logic. Join him as he takes you through a laugh riot like never before.

Differential diagnosis

Edited by Leah Kaminsky
Hachette, 2011, pp 211, 350
A unique collection of fiction and non-fiction by
doctors, offering us a fascinating look behind the doctor’s mask by getting inside the minds of those who deal, daily, with enormous existential issues and traumatic situations.

JP Movement: Emergency and india’s second frontier

M G Devasahayam
Vitasta, 2011, pp 258, 495
A moving history about Jayaprakash Narayan — how he came into the movement and brought with him, the return of democracy to India. This book aims to be a guide and inspiration for those who want to
become instruments of change.

The muslim mindset, terrorism and jihad in islam

Habibur Rehman
Macmillan, 2011, pp 236, 375
The author shows that Islam doesn’t believe in
clashing with people and civilisations. He states that
terrorism in the name of this religion is a misrepresentation, as Islam forbids its believers from killing the innocent, irrespective of caste, creed or religion.

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