Get a ticket for flashing your high beams

Get a ticket for flashing your high beams


Known for their road rage and notoriety to flout traffic norms, Delhiites will now face the music for doing so.

Delhi traffic police has decided to get stricter with motorists found driving on high beam this foggy weather and this decision has been embraced by one and all with much grace. 

Metrolife finds out that while most Delhiites agree that driving on high beam increases the risk of accidents and the fine of Rs 100 is justified, some feel that the police should bring out an awareness campaign against the usage of these lights in winter season.

Pawan Kataria, a driver with a private firm, believes that high beam in hazy weather indeed increases the chances of collision.  “The police should definitely get stricter with drivers who use high beam in fog. Being a driver, I know the dangers of facing high beam driving. But the fine of Rs 100 is a bit too much. It should be slashed to Rs 50,” he opines.

There is no clear data as to how many accidents occur due to high beam or fog but as a precautionary measure the police has decided to get tougher with those found using high beams with an aim to reduce the number of accidents and fatalities this season.

“A person can be prosecuted throughout the year for using high beam in the City, but its relevance is more in fog since high beams get reflected back and impair visibility,” says Satyendra Garg, joint commissioner of police (traffic).

A total of eight road fatalities were registered in foggy season of 2009 followed by four fatalities last year. The police is aiming at zero fatalities this season with focus on fog prone areas of the City.

Many commuters feel that the traffic police should deal with this issue strictly, not only in foggy weather but throughout the year, while others believe that the prosecution should be confined to winter season.

“People should be prosecuted strictly for using high beam in all seasons because it causes sudden blindness, leading to serious accidents,” says R N Tandon, consultant, civil construction works.  Private bank manager Manish Kumar, however, feels that driving on high beam in fog is fine but prosecution for  the same on clear days is uncalled for. “If the visibility is good and people want to use high beam, there should not be any problem!” he says.

Ankur Bhardwaj, a media professional further validates, “People drive on high beam thinking it would give them a clear view in fog. They don’t realise that it blocks the view of the vehicle in front of them.”

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