Keeping a check on stress

Keeping a check on stress

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Healthy option: A lot of youngsters are taking to yoga as a means to keep fit.

Today, however, yoga isn’t just for the old people. Young professionals and even college students have been enrolling in yoga classes, whether it’s to keep fit, improve their powers of concentration or merely unwind after a tough day. Metrolife speaks to a few yoga instructors and students to find out more.

One reason that yoga is an attractive option for many youngsters is that it tones their body and keeps them fit — in other words, a substitute for going to the gym.

Pankaj, who runs a yoga centre, says that there has been a definite increase in the number of young professionals entering his course for this reason. “Seventy per cent of the people who come for my classes are below the age of 30. They come to do meditation and pranayama. These days, there’s a lot of awareness of yoga as a replacement for working out,” he explains, adding, “The asanas keep them fit, and provide them with a flexibility that gymming can’t.”

Another reason that youngsters take to yoga is that breathing exercises help them beat stress and are the perfect way to unwind after a hard day at work.

Pankaj explains, “Many of these people find their workplace very stressful. Breathing exercises and meditation help them keep calm.”

It isn’t just professionals who are taking to yoga; college students are equally addicted to it. Veena, who owns an all-ladies yoga centre, says that many college girls frequent her classes. “I hold these classes four days a week. Yoga isn’t just about exercise — I
think it’s more of personality development, in a physical, mental and spiritual sense, and these students understand that,” she says.

None of these students, she maintains, view these classes as a passing fancy or a way to while away time.

“They’re very serious about it, and come for all four classes a week. The breathing exercises we hold help them to keep their stress levels down as well,” she explains.

Gauri, who studies at Srishti School of Design, is one such student; although she hasn’t taken up yoga in a big way, she says she had tried it out during her holidays, when she had enough free time.

“Yoga is a great way to relax. It’s fun, and gives you flexibility,” she says, adding, “I picked it up during my holidays because then I had enough time to pay attention to it. It’s a nice way to keep fit.”

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