Spread the light this winter

Spread the light this winter


Spread the light this winter

Creating different moods: Candles are no longer mere functional products, but are mood enhancers in a home. PHOTOS COURTESY: THE PURPLE TURTLES''Rearranging furniture, adding some candles, or making even small tweaks can really make the difference.'' - Anthea Turner

Turner’s words could not ring more true than today when candles, scented or otherwise, are being increasingly visualised as a decor element. Candles can create the mood and set the ambience of any space. Available in a variety of fragrances, they can dramatically alter a space. In fact, there are even seasonal launches of candles. The Crystal Christmas series from Nachtmann radiates a festive environment. With star design or warm red or gold tones, the series converts every table into a Christmas banquet. Bowls, plates and votive candleholders made of premium crystal glass lend a contemplative, peaceful atmosphere and create the pleasant anticipation of Christmas.

Home decor candles have gained great importance these days. People prefer to decorate the house with candles as it is an inexpensive way of making the house look elegant. Home decor candles are found in many styles. Some are specially made for Christmas while others are made for Christmas trees. Some of the candles are designed for birthday parties, and there is a huge collection of candles for gifting.

“Candles today are beyond just functional use; they are now available in so many fragrances, amazing shapes and sizes, not only are these decorative but increasingly they are being used for therapies and wellness too. Today we as a country are a lot more open to using candles not only for occasions but also on a regular basis,” says Radeesh, Founder, The Purple Turtles.
According to Vandana Khosla, Creative Director, Elvy Lifestyle, “Home decor candles are trendy decor elements. You can have candles that can make your window look beautiful. These candles can be arranged in numerous ways. Different sized candles can be used for placing in holders while same -ized candles are also widely used for decorating the floors and windows of the house.”

In fact, home decor candles can be made at home if you have enough information on how to make it. You need to have a proper knowledge of candles so that you can make it at home. “Home decor candles require you to have a stove, wax, wicks, crayons, paints, ribbons, beads, flowers, dried flowers, paint brush, thermometer, boiler, white paper, pencil, ice cubes, saucepan, pour pot, glass jar, coffee cans, first aid box safety goggles and phone call ready to be made on emergencies. After collecting all these items now you can make the candles in your own home, and this could be a cost-effective manner of decorating the house or giving gifts,” says Khosla.

Decor elements

First of all, plan out things like how you want to place the candles. You can thus purchase them or make them easily when you are aware of where you are going to place it and how you will use it. “Choose those candles that complement your house. You can place them on tables, windows sills, the floor or at any place where you want to give a dim light and change the mood of the room,” explains Khosla. Aroma candles rejuvenate, relax and energise the mind.

Home fragrances are used to de-stress and make the indoor environment a healthier and more pleasing place to be. Aroma candles with floral fragrances tend to be thought of as feminine fragrances, and are perfect for scenting bathrooms and bedrooms. “The citrus fragrances in aroma candles are clean, invigorating and fresh. Orange blossom, lemon, lemongrass, lime, grapefruit and bergamot are all citrus fragrances.

Citrus fragrances are gender neutral, and are well suited for the morning routine, freshening a bathroom, scenting the car, office or anywhere else you need a boost of fresh citrus energy throughout the day,” says Kiran Ranga, Master Fragrance Creator and Managing Director, Ripple Fragrances. Candles with spicy fragrances warm up a room with their unique properties. Cinnamon, ginger, myrrh and frankincense are all spicy fragrances. Fragrances from this category tend to be strong, and are good to use during winter.

Candles with earthy fragrances are resinous and can be used to scent bath products for men and women who like a musky smell. Fragrances that fall into this category include sandalwood, rosewood, musk, cedarwood and patchouli. Go ahead and light up your home.