Udupi will get Rs 5 cr for horticulture: Katti

Udupi will get Rs 5 cr for horticulture: Katti

The sum has been allotted under National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme

Speaking to the media here, he informed that Rs 365 lakh has been earmarked for various programmes under National Horticulture Mission. Rs 2.5 lakh has been allotted for the proposed flower auction centre in Udupi. Rs 37 lakh is earmarked for the development of horticulture nurseries in the district. Rs 54 lakh has been allotted for the cashew processing industry. Rs 32 lakhs is earmarked for the subsidy provisions under Medicinal Plants Mission to take up the cultivation of the medicinal plants in the district. Organic farming will be encouraged among the farming community, he said.

The Government has announced the support price of Rs 600 per quintal of arecanut. A meeting will be held in Bangalore comprising the farmers and marketing analysts to discuss the new marketing amenities for the farmers and their produce in the State. Restructuring of the available staff in the horticulture departments is being done to avoid the hassle created out of the shortage of officials, he said

CCTV camera in jails

As many as 130 request cases for the release of the prisoners for good conduct were forwarded during the tenure of the former Governor Chathurvedi. The present Governor H R Bhardwaj who is also the former Union Law Minister has asked for the reconsideration of every individual case. CCTV cameras will be installed in jails to monitor the movements of the prisoners. Besides the prisoners will be tied with belts designed with special software that helps to find out their activities in the prison. The newly constructed district jail will be inaugurated next month, he said.