Despite SMS lingo, it still pays to know your grammar

Despite SMS lingo, it still pays to know your grammar

The primary function of a language, he argued, is communication, and grammar would just be a redundant rule for a language when the primary motive is met. I have to confess, I liked the bright boy’s observance. Grammar in any language is important for better understanding, I told him then, but deep down I still fancied his argument.

Language needs rules
I think the reason, we have grammar is because, every language needs rules. Rules, in our daily lives are difficult to follow and similarly, grammar is difficult but important.

I can imagine the simplest analogy in our daily life — traffic. All of us understand, that we have to drive safely. If all of us were to drive safely, and didn’t hit each other’s car, then, traffic rules like lanes, signals, cameras wouldn’t be necessary.

Yet, it is one of the most important rules we follow because, it helps in easy flow of traffic. Also, anywhere in the world, we all stop at red and go when green. Rules are applied for universal understanding and better management.

Similarly, rules of any language are meant for our comprehension. Rules make up for universal understanding, co-ordination and co-operation. Language with rules apply for these very things. Communication is complete only when we reach absolute comprehension which is why grammar is important.

Avoid the pitfalls
In this age of short messaging and social networking, we have almost begun to accept incorrect spellings, over use of ellipsis, exclamation and distorted grammar.
We use them so much in the digital world that we tend to use it otherwise too. All said, it is important to avoid the usual pitfalls if we want good grades, avoid laughs and have a clean image.

Here are four primary reasons why grammar in any language is important:
*It helps in effective communication.
*Bad grammar could also lead to misunderstanding
*Incorrect language usage/grammar will create a bad impression of you and your knowledge.
* Language skills usually are the basis on which students are judged for many traits like comprehension, reasoning and logic. Extensive vocabulary and precise grammar are related to a person’s intelligence.
*However, like in traffic, there are some offenders in languages too. Luckily, they escape the penalty and the wrath of hidden cameras.

Common errors
Here is a list of common errors that we tend to make :
*The shirt is LOOSE and you could LOSE your wallet.
*OCCASSIONALLY is the word that has two Cs and two Ss.
*I can wait UNTIL it is sunset (only one l)
*I LISTEN to music and not HEAR to music.
*I will RETURN your book and not RETURN BACK your book.
*IT’S is short for IT IS.
*I live in a DESERT but I eat the DESSERT at the end of the meal.
*I got up at five THIS MORNING and not TODAY MORNING.

Make no mistake. The list is endless. But, we tend to use so many of these without the slightest hint that it is grammatically incorrect.

It is not a bad thing after all to know our grammar because, others should know that what we say is really what we mean.

So, the next time you want to know someone’s name, just ask for it and not ask for his or her ‘good name’ because, when you do so, you make the person wonder, if he/she has a good name or a bad name!   

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