Veerendra, Sabeena sparkle

Veerendra, Sabeena sparkle

Poovamma pockets best woman athlete award

Despite their efforts, Punjabi University pocketed the overall championship with eight gold, four silver, and two bronze medals.

Veerendra edged out Arumugam Manikanda of University of Madras by a razor thin margin of 0.02 seconds to claim the men’s 200 metres title. The Alva’s College athlete clocked 22.51 seconds while the silver-medallist Arumugam timed 22.53.

Another Alva’s College athlete Sabeena rewrote the meet record in the women’s half marathon. Sabeena completed the race in one hour 14 minutes and 30.39 seconds, erasing the previous mark of 1:15:08.60 set by Navjoban Kaur of Punjabi University.

Mangalore University had more to cheer as Poovamma MR was adjudged the best women athlete of the meet while Jagadeep Singh of GNDU, Amritsar, was named the best men athlete.

Two more meet records were broken on the final day with Harvendra Singh of VBSP University, Jaunpur, (66.59 metres) in the men’s hammer throw and Suresh Kumar of Panjabi University (1::03:58.26) in the men’s half marathon going under the existing meet marks.

Results: Men: 200M: Veerendra (Mangalore University) 22.51 seconds, 1; Arumugam Manikanda (University of Madras) 22.53, 2; Niteesh Antony (Kerala University) 22.90, 3.
110M hurdles: J Surendhar (University of Madras) 14.81 seconds, 1; K Premkumar (Anna University) 14.90, 2; Pinto Mathew (Kannur University) 14.90, 3.   
Triple jump: Arpinder Singh (Punjabi University) 15.72 metres, 1; Rajasekar R (University of Madras) 15.52, 2; Salahuddin SN Mohan (Bharathiar University) 14.82, 3.
Hammer throw: Harvendra Singh (VBSP University, Jaunpur) 66.59 metres, 1. New Meet Record (Old: 64.10, Chandrodaya Narayan, Chatrapathi Shahuji); Neeraj Kumar (University of Rajasthan) 59.61, 2; Sachin Kumar (HNBG University, Srinagar) 57.49, 3.
4x400M relay: Kerala University (Varghese V, Nibin M Babu, Binu Baby, Vishnu V) 3:16.97, 1; MDU Rohtak (Pardeep, Mandeep, Amit, Sandeep) 3:17.73, 2; Mangalore University (Manohar C, Ganesh, Manju M, Veerendra) 3:2102, 3.
Half marathon: Suresh Kumar (Punjabi University, Patiala) 1::03:58.26, 1. NMR (Old: 1::06.59.50, Anil Panwar, Pune University); Rattan Lal Jat (Punjabi University) 1::04:25.09, 2; Nilesh Bodhe (RTM Nagpur University) 1::04:49.51, 3.
Women: 200M: Santhini V (University of Calicut) 25.40 seconds, 1; Ammu K (Kannur University) 25.95, 2; Chhavi Sharawat (CCS University, Meerat) 26.08, 3.
100M hurdles: Raji CT (Punjabi  University) 14.98 seconds, 1; Purnima Hembram (Punjabi University) 15.11, 2; Darsana MS (University of Calicut) 15.15, 3.
High jump: Jinu Maria Manuel (MG University) 1.66 metres, 1; Steny Michael (Kannur University) 1.66, 2; Sindhu KD (University Of Calicut) 1.61, 3.
Hammer throw: Shinde Soniya (University Of Pune) 48.61 metres, 1; Anita (University of Rajasthan) 47.75, 2; Sonam (VBSP University, Jaunpur) 46.87, 3.
Pole vault: Anusha KP (University Of Calicut) 3.30 metres, 1; Anoosha KK (MG University, Kottayam) 3.30, 2; Dija KC (Mangalore University) 3.30, 3.
4X400M relay: Calicut University (Ashly Joseph, Darsana M S, Arya C, Anu R) 3:46.76, 1; MG University (Sinsha K, Salini Thomas, Jomy Jose, Soniya P) 3:48.08, 2; Kannur University (Alby Mol, Anu Mariam Jose, Anu Paul, Ammu K) 3:50:00, 3.
Half marathon: Sabeena (Mangalore University) 1::14:30.39, 1. NMR (Old: 1::15.08.60, Navjoban Kaur, Punjabi University); Remeswari MV (University of Calicut) 1::15:13.44, 2; Rooma Devi (Panjabi University) 1::15:30.71, 3.
Special awards:Overall championship: Punjabi University (8 gold, 4 silver, 2 bronze) 1; MG University (4g, 4s, 3b).
Team championships: Men: Punjabi University (5g, 3s, 1b) 1; Kerala University (2g, 2s, 1b). Women: Calicut University (3g, 5s, 4b) 1; Mangalore University (3g, 5s, 1b).
Individual champions: Men: Jagadeep Singh (GMDU Amritsar). Women: Poovamma MR (Mangalore University).

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