Anna unfazed by court remarks

Anna unfazed by court remarks

Anna unfazed by court remarks

Without commenting on Bombay High Court admonition of the IAC (India Against Corruption), Gandhian and anti-graft activist Anna Hazare on Friday said approaching court on the issue of a venue for his proposed fast for a strong Lokpal Bill was an  “error”.

Though the operative part of what kind of verdict was going to come late afternoon had already started creeping in during the morning admonishment doled out by the division bench judges to IAC advocate, Hazare without commenting on the court told the media: “It was an error. IAC should not have moved the court. If only they had asked me I
would have told them desist from it.”

The anti-graft crusader on Friday sat glued to television news channels listening to the information streaming in from Mumbai High Court. After  hearing the High Court verdict, he told television reporters: “I will sit on the fast and if not in maidan then I will sit inside the jail.”

Fight to continue

Later during the day when it became clear that IAC would organise their protest rally, Hazare told the packed media gathering at Ralegan Siddi that the fight against corruption would not be stopped and “even if they had not allowed us then we would have carried out our hunger-strike inside the jails.”

The social crusader after receiving messages from Mumbai, told the local media that he would be sitting at MMRDA Ground and “the authorities there has granted concessions for the rally.”

On the issue of monies that would be paid for booking the venue, Hazare, who had rejected the idea of collecting funds, told the local media that donations would be accepted “only through cheques and drafts as we need Rs 7 lakh,” adding “we would be also keeping an eye on people who provide us with donations.”