Charity through online gaming

Charity through online gaming


GAMING EFFECT This new online game encourages charity.Changing times have given way to new and innovative means of charity. The unique initiative of charity through social gaming was recently organised by Sankara Eye Foundation and Asvathaa Pvt Ltd.

The game, ‘Karma Kingdom’ is a journey, through virtual, social and spiritual space. It emphasises on the issues of chaos and strife affecting the whole world. The player then becomes an individual, who along with a small group of leaders from other districts, provinces and states decides that a new way of life must be found if humanity is to be saved. The game teaches a lesson at each step of the journey. The lesson could be on a good deed done, a quest fulfilled or a friend made and overall makes your world a better place.

The players of Facebook game ‘Karma Kingdom,’ will be able to purchase the branded game element with half the proceeds to be used for restoring vision of the poor and the socially-disadvantaged in India through Sankara Eye Foundation (SEF), in the US.

Murali Krishnamurthy, executive chairman, Sankara Eye Foundation, said, “We are pleased to work with Asvathaa to bring our fundraising efforts to the new and emerging social platforms such as Facebook. We know that this initiative will help us raise awareness and funds for Sankara in India.”

The charitable organisation has joined hands with Asvathaa, an international independent entertainment and media company, to come up with the idea of charity through online gaming. Asvathaa is known for development, design and production of games and animated entertainment and has purposely chosen a multi-shore approach to develop this initiative in India, for a larger benefit.

Ashok Desai, CEO, Asvathaa elaborated on this initiative, “‘Karma Kingdom’ was designed from the outset to include these types of charitable activities and we want this to be the next step for players in order to fulfill the goal of creating a better world within the game.” Ashok added, “A single ‘Karma Kingdom’ player can make a significant contribution towards an operation, given the price break that SEF has achieved in cataract surgery.”

The first of its kind initiative by a charitable organisation, the game ‘Karma Kingdom’ is based on Indian mythologies and guides players through positive and contemporary lessons. It is through initiatiatives like these that Sankara aims to realise the goal of 20/20 vision for all Indians by 2020..