Vidya holds nerve to top 8-ball standings; opts for 6-red snooker

Vidya holds nerve to top 8-ball standings; opts for 6-red snooker

Pillai first beat Anuja Chandra 7-5 before edging out Chitra Magimairaj 7-6 at the KSBA Hall, while Indira Gowda topped in 9-ball pool.

Meanwhile, a 14-member squad was announced for the October 31-November 7 Asian Indoor Games at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Vidya, who has also in the 6-red snooker event, has opted out of the pool competition because pool and snooker come under the purview of the Billiards and Snooker Federation of India’s one-person, one-discipline policy.

However, given the BSFI’s relaxation of that policy, Pankaj Advani now has the opportunity to stake his claim for top honours in more than one discipline.

The 24-year-old Bangalorean, who has qualified in four events, will take part in three. Advani has made the billiards and snooker team and individual teams.

However, with singles competition in billiards clashing with the team event in snooker, Advani has unsurprisingly gone for his favourite, the three-ball game.

Unlike in the past, the BSFI has decided to not differentiate between billiards and snooker, choosing to put them in the same bracket while separating the two traditional versions from pool.

Results: Women: 8-ball pool: Chitra Magimairaj bt Meenal Thakur 7-5; Vidya Pillai bt Anuja Chandra 7-5; Meenal T bt Anuja C 7-6; Vidya P bt Chitra M 7-6; Vidya P bt Meenal T 7-2; Anuja C bt Chitra M 7-4.

Final standings: Vidya P 1; Anuja C 2; Chitra M 3; Meenal T 4.

9-ball pool: Anuja Chandra bt Chitra Magimairaj 7-2; Indira Gowda bt Meenal Thakur 7-3; Chitra M bt Indira Gowda 7-3; Meenal T bt Anuja C 7-3; Indira G bt Anuja C 7-2; Meenal T bt Chitra M 7-6.

Final standings: Indira G 1; Meenal T 2; Chitra M 3; Anuja C 4.

Indian squad for Asian Indoor Games: Men: Snooker: Pankaj Advani, Manan Chandra.

6-red snooker, singles: Pankaj Advani, Manan Chandra.

Snooker, team: Manan Chandra, Aditya Mehta, Brijesh Damani.

Billiards: Pankaj Advani, Geet Sethi.

9-ball pool: Rafath Habib, Alok Kumar.

3-cushion carom: Dharminder Lilly. 1-cushion carom: Dharminder Lilly.

Women: 6-red snooker: Vidya Pillai, Chitra Magimairaj.
8-ball pool: Anuja Chandra, Meenal Thakur.
9-ball pool: Indira Gowda, Meenal Thakur.
Coach: Manoj Kumar Kothari. Manager: Bholu Mehta.

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