Spirituality eliminates all blunders

Many a time in our life, we sit and ponder over the innumerable blunders we have committed till now and the many ways in which we have suffered because of it.

We think hard about why we were so stupid at that moment. Sometimes, we even make a resolve not to commit those silly, stupid mistakes again. In spite of this we often repeat the same mistakes.

What is the cause of this? Why do we repeatedly commit these blunders time and again? One main reason for this is that we are only concerned and bothered about our materialistic advancement in life, and not our spiritual advancement. If we learn and seek advancement of the spiritual side of our life, we will gain control over our intellect and other hidden powers inside us which can be used as tools to conquer.

Everyday we have to make so many decisions. We use our mind and intellect to make these decisions. When the intellect is dull and fickle these decisions often lead to failure and disaster.

Spiritual advancement gives us a razor sharp intellect and firmness. It strengthens and reinforces our decision making capacity and enables us to take decisions at lightning speed. These decisions lead us to greater and greater success.

This becomes possible because spiritual advancement prompts our intellect again and again ‘intuitively’ to steer clear of obstacles by pin-pointing what is right and wrong in our actions thereby eliminating blunders or unwise actions in our life.

Yajur Veda (Chapter 8, Verse 52) says,

“Rise above material desires
To the heavenly path of spiritual experience,
And behold the light divine
Guiding thee towards eternal joy”|

These golden words of the Yajur Veda fill us with complete awe and wonder. How clearly they express the truth of the fruits of spiritual advancement in life!
Tapping the inner potential within us is the key to joyful living. Men of wisdom have told us out of their own experience that when we open up the inner world in us then the outer-world also opens up for us revealing infinite possibilities. The microcosm which is described as the Pindanda in the Vedas is now completely connected to the macrocosm which is the Brahmanda. Then Joy, Happiness and Success become our second name.

Otherwise as in Atharva Veda, Chapter 12, Canto 2, Verse 51 –
“Those who forsake reverential worship
And pursue the path of Material gains
Invite worry and frustration for themselves”

Let us not forget these spiritual, vedic gems. Let us all tap this hidden wealth inside us and lead a life of splendour and wonder instead of troubles, worries and blunders.

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