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Read all the day's letters

Leaders jumping out of the sinking ship

How is it  that the intellectuals like Yeshwanth Sinha, Jaswanth Singh, Arun Shourie, Sudheendra Kulkarni and others of the BJP are either being battered or walking out of the party? They kept their ‘mouth shut’, ‘eyes closed’, ‘tolerated’ the BJP’s scams’, “RSS’s meddling in to party’s affairs’ and hid ‘truth from the public about Khandahar, Modi, etc’, because they had ‘bright future under the umbrella of the charismatic leader Vajpayee’. The RSS/BJP also tolerated them because they gave ‘respectability’ and replaced the ‘untouchable’ label with a ‘non-communal’ label to the party. The gullible people were fooled successfully. Today, with BJP licking the dust, Vajpayee and Advani sliding into ‘oblivion’, neither needs the other. Would things have come to this pass if Advani had occupied the “Prime Ministerial Chair’? These heroes, ‘who did not show their guts’ and failed to stand up to tell the truth ‘then’, are telling  now, the ‘untold story’ they hid all these years, in a bid to cleanse their tainted  image.

K N Bhagavan


Hospitals taking undue advantage

Media reported that some hospitals allegedly charging hefty fees for testing blood sample and throat swabs from patients infected with swine flu taking undue advantage of the seriousness of the disease.
In general public are already being harassed by charging entrance fee just to see a doctor, indiscriminate charges for lab tests, fees for showing the report, exorbitant charges for doctors' visit to the in-patients,lots of medicines at the bedside of the patients and no accountability for the medicine used for the patients and other numerous miscellaneous charges, and the public are made to shell out the charges to save their lives.
But a ray of hope from the Govt. is coming is that those hospitals which charge fees for conducting the lab tests of blood sample and throat swabs from swine flu affected persons will henceforth be dragged into court by filing criminal charges against the guilty hospitals for violating the Govt. directives for testing free of cost. This directive should be implemented in letter and spirit, and should be extended to general cases also.

B S Raghavendra Rao,
BSK 3rd.stage,