Tracking miles: From ‘Invite Mr Wright’. Quintessential globetrotter

Watch ‘Invite Mr Wright’ on December 29 at 9 pm on TLC. Veteran traveller and globetrotter
extraordinaire Ian Wright has probably accumulated enough frequent flyer miles to last a lifetime but he is still on the go.

In ‘Invite Mr Wright’, Ian finds out what it’s like to experience a foreign country through the eyes of people who actually live there. From Singapore to India to Malaysia to Spain, Ian experiences what each city has to offer, thanks to the hospitality of his host. In each episode, Ian is invited by a family, group or institution of people who show him a unique and often hidden side of their home culture.   

Tougher and meaner

WB presents ‘Mortal Kombat’, starring Christopher Lambert, Linden Ashby, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Robin Shou and Bridgette Wilson, on December 29 at 9 pm.

For nine generations, an evil sorcerer has been victorious against his mortal enemies. If he wins the tenth ‘Mortal Kombat’ tournament, desolation and evil will reign forever. To save the earth, three warriors must overcome insurmountable events and superhuman foes in this action-thriller based on the popular video game. 

Interesting: Peter and Isabelle in ‘Orphan’.When tragedy strikes

Orphan’ airs on HBO on December 29 at 9 pm. The movie stars Vera Farmiga, Peter Sarsgaard, Isabelle Fuhrman and CCH Pounder.

Tragedy seems to follow nine-year-old Esther, who was orphaned in Russia, her native. Her last adoptive family perished in a fire with Esther barely managing to escape.

But now the Coleman family has adopted her and life is good. Until a classmate takes a serious fall from a slide.

Until an orphanage nun is battered to death. And until Esther’s new mom wonders
if that tragic fire was an accident. 

Burying the hatchet

Sonam Kapoor plays agony aunt on the first episode of UTV Stars’ ‘Superstar Santa’.

Everyone deserves one chance to make up for something that has gone wrong. Starting this week, ‘Superstar Santa’ will give ten people a chance to revive an estranged relationship. The first among the ten is Swarna Mudgal, a 21-year-old girl from Bhopal currently working in Mumbai. 

Swarna has had a fallout with her childhood friend Priyanka Bhatnagar. Despite trying to confront each other and resolve their issues, several misunderstandings and the involvement of too many people only worsened their problems. But as they say, there is always hope.

Because stepping into Santa’s shoes is none other than the vivacious Sonam Kapoor.
Not only does Sonam play agony aunt to both these girls, she understands the root cause of their issue and makes them speak their minds out like never before. As part of the exercise, Sonam even surprises the duo with some pani puri  on the house!

Will Sonam’s efforts be enough to bring them back together? Will Swarna and Priyanka get back to being best friends? Tune in to find out all this on the first episode of ‘Superstar Santa’ on January 1, 7 pm. 

Visionary moments 

Science Of The Movies’ explores the remarkable scientific world that exists behind the screen. The show is all about the innovative technology, visionary artistes and their captivating techniques, which blend together to create unforgettable blockbuster moments. ‘Science Of The Movies’ airs on December 29 at 9.30 pm on Discovery Science.

(TV show timings are subject to change) 

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