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To kill a snow dragonfly
Sharad P Paul

Harper Collins, 2011, pp 223,Rs. 399

Even as the snow falls existentially, things don’t look good for Lobsang’s family. His village in Tibet has been swept up in the Chinese Revolution, with Mao’s troops overrunning it and enforcing hard labour. Will Lobsang and his family manage to escape Tibet?

The drop
Michael Connelly
Hachette, 2011, pp 388,Rs. 595

A lab result links the brutal murder of a teenage girl in 1989 to a convicted rapist, Clayton Pell. However, this seems improbable as Pell was only eight in 1989!  Harry Bosch attempts to uncover the mystery, one laden with deep-rooted secrets.

A Step away from paradise
Thomas K Shor
Penguin, 2011, pp 263,Rs. 399

The author tracks the surviving members of an expedition taken by a visionary lama, Tibet’s Tulshuk Lingpa, in 1962, to Beyul, the ‘land of immortality’.  An astounding account that recalls and evokes one of humanity’s oldest aspirations — paradise.

The crisis and the left
Edited by Leo Panitch, Greg Albo and Vivek Chibber
Leftword, 2011, pp 306,Rs.  350

This socialist register covers the economic crisis, with a deepened analysis of the global roots of the crisis, the dismantling of public sector, the fraudulence of neoliberal environmentalism and the intensification of global austerity.

the many careers of D D Kosambi: Critical
Edited by D N Jha
Leftword, 2011, pp 195,  275
The articles in this book assess Kosambi’s contribution to Indian histiography, Indology, philology, the study of religions, historical materialism and our understanding of caste in Indian history.

the temple, the mosque: The best of
Translated by Rakshanda Jalil
Harper Perennial, 2011, pp 197,  250
A translation of Premchand’s works. From simple village tales to glimpses into the human heart, this collection shows why even 70 years after his death, Premchand still remains relevant to our lives.

Organization development: accelerating learning and transformation
S Ramnarayan and T V Rao
Sage, 2011, pp 448,Rs.  495

The authors try to answer critical questions in organization development (OD) by bringing key insights derived from theory and practice to provide a holistic understanding of the field of OD.

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