Cold or not, ice cream is hot!

Mysore may be experiencing severe cold bouts and people may be skipping their mornings walks and jogs for the fear of freezing midway; city is still binging on ice cream.

Visits to doctors notwithstanding, youngsters particularly, find it extremely ‘cool’ to eat icecream in near freezing temperatures. Reason: they find icecream to be more wholesome food than rotis and chapatis.

Ask AIISH student Deepa who often lands up at Corner House in Yadavgiri for a mini hot chocolate fudge, and she says youngsters don’t fret over ‘right food and wrong one’ when it comes to ice cream.

“I may skip butter rotis, but never the steaming molten chocolate on vanilla scoop. That’s my lifeline. After all, we know milk keeps bones stronger,” she chuckles.
What do they do when cold bouts take over? Is there an icecream for that occasion too? “Yes, there’s DBC — Death By Chocolate. Or, chocolate sauce and cream on hot apple pie!” more laughter follows.

Robin James, a French national finds custard apple icecream in the city very interesting. “It’s a rather nice way of making it healthy. I like it and eat it during all seasons at this quaint French Cafe in Gokulam,” he points out.

Kushalappa, owner of hotel Highway 18 on Hunsur road, is not surprised that ice cream continues to be a favourite dessert after most meals people consume at his hotel. Ask him if people are still eating ice cream in dipping temperatures, “Yes, of course” he says. And, his observation is no season has any bearing on ice cream fanatics who stay loyal to their favourite dish.

Rohan Uttaiah, an engineering student finds it amusing that people associate ice cream with a season. An ice cream fanatic, that he likes to call himself, in a rather not-so-easily-acceptable rumination about the ‘cool stuff’ says it’s unfair to bracket icecream into a ‘seasonal’ food.

“You don’t restrict gulab jamun, or even curds that we eat, to a season. Why do this for icecream? People eat it across seasons, and they love it with great amount of passion. Any food consumed with love, can never harm one’s body,” he giggles. We rest the case.

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