'Be positive and plan your goals'

'Be positive and plan your goals'

Studying in India

Dr Ali KhwajaDear Sir,

I completed my engineering in 2004 and soon after worked for a private educational institute for two years. I then did a mainframe course, but I could not get any opportunity in that stream. Now I am working in a call centre as tech support engineer. I don’t see a career in this field. I don’t mind starting out as a fresher, but I am keen on finding a course that can shape my career to its best. Please guide me.


Dear Madhumathy,

Ask yourself if you want to continue being in Engineering.  Your Engineering degree has given you a strong foundation, and you are now capable of moving into any field of your choice.

It is important that you select on the basis of your interest and capabilities (which should be clear to you with your work experience).  Ensure that you are entering a field you will enjoy and be good at, and only then select the course of study.  

Alternatively, you can take up an entry level job in the field of your choice, and when satisfied, go in for higher studies.  Some of the possible choices could be: research, teaching and training, quality control, marketing, HR, design, technical writing, mass communication, administration, etc.

Dear Sir,
I  have an MSc in Biochemistry and I am interested in becoming a lecturer. Are there any qualifications besides my masters that are required?
Is MPhil (Biochemistry) a must to become a lecturer? Bangalore University does not offer MPhil, so if I were to do MPhil from another university, will it be recognised in Bangalore? Will I get a job here? Please let me know.

Naaz Fathima

Dear Naaz Fathima,

While an MPhil is not compulsory to make a beginning as a lecturer, it can help you go up the ladder.  As long as you study in a reputed UGC-recognised university, you will get a job in Bangalore.  

First, check if you indeed have an aptitude for teaching. Try and gain experience by taking classes or tuitions and once you are satisfied, take the plunge and go in for higher education.

Dear Sir,
I am currently doing Environmental Engineering in Mysore. I have finished my 4th semester. Are there any institutes in India which specialise in Environmental Engineering or related subjects as I do not want to go abroad? Please give me the details about entrance exams to these institutes.

Dear Rajesh,

I agree with you that some Indian institutions offer even better education than foreign ones, and I am glad that you acknowledge this fact. The fees are much lower too.

You have good opportunities to pursue your higher studies in fields such as environment, food, genetics, biomedicine, space, energy, nuclear power, avionics, etc.  Some of the good institutions you can explore include:
* M S Ramaiah School of Advanced Studies, Bangalore
* Vellore Institute of Tehnology, Chennai
admission@vit.ac.in, www.vit.ac.in
* SRM Institute of Science & Technology, Tamil Nadu
* International Maritime Academy, Chennai
* Dr DY Patil Vidyapeeth, Pune
* VIT University, Vellore
www.vit.ac.in, admission@vit.ac.in
* Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal
* Indian Institute of Space Science & Technology, Kerala www.iist.ac.in

Dear Sir,
I have just enrolled into Mechanical Engineering. What kind of higher studies can I pursue after completing BE?  

Dear Reader,

Mechanical Engineering is an evergreen field in technology which will continue to have a good demand for a long time.

After your BE you can decide whether to go deeper into hardcore technology, or specialise in management, design, quality control, research, etc.

No one can predict pay scales four years ahead.  Ensure that you genuinely have a love for the subject, and focus on all-round development beyond text book learning.

Dear Sir,
I have opted for PCMB in I PUC. I got 76 per cent in my 10th standard exams, I have an interest in Computer Science, Bionics, Biotechnology, Nanotechnology and Air Force (Navy or IAF). I'm really confused about which branch to pursue.


Dear Sharath,

You may opt for military service after II PUC if you prepare well and appear for the NDA exam. After joining the Navy or Air Force, depending on your performance, you can opt for flying, technical branches or other streams, and all your subsequent education will be taken care of by the government.

On the other hand, you may take up a basic stream like Electronics or Computer Science. Later you can go in for specialisation, whether it is in Nanotechnology or any other field.

Unless you are very clear and determined to pursue a specialised field like Bionics or Biotechnology, it is better not to enter into it at the degree level.

Dear Sir,

I have just completed my 4th semester BE (Electrical and Electronics). I haven’t done too well for a variety of reasons. If not Engineering, are there any other courses I can apply for which will help my career prospects?

Worried reader

Dear reader,

You must first take a hard decision on whether you would like to continue studying Engineering or not.  

If you do not have an aptitude for technology and if aren't good at Maths and Physics, you need to re-think your plans since admissions for the academic year 2009-10 are closing.  

If you opt out of Engineering, make sure you enter a field that you have a strong interest in.  It can be anything from Commerce, Communications, Management, Computer Applications, Paramedical Sciences to Design.

On the other hand, if you are determined to complete your Engineering, you could take up part-time courses in Computers, Personality Development, English Language, etc.  If possible, also take up a part-time job where you can learn the basics of the corporate world and office administration.

Dear Sir,

I have completed my BE (Marine) from Andhra University. I have also sailed on merchant ships for a year. I am considering a career change. I want to know about opportunities in the field of Air Traffic Control. Are there any courses or any special exams for it?


Dear Nayan

You seem to have an exploratory mind, which is why you are looking for an unusual career. That is a good sign, but you cannot keep exploring different careers.

If you are sure you wish to move away from Marine Engineering, ask yourself why. Only if you find a deep interest in some other field should you give up one in which you already have  qualification and experience.

List out your skills, strengths and aptitude.  Take an aptitude test and find out what you are really good at.