All that bling

Y Lingo

What’s more they have their own language, which sounds familiar yet
very alien to many of us. Metrolife is featuring one such lingo, used by the Gen Y, this week.

Bling Bling: This word is used to describe jewellery such as silver, platinum or diamonds and sometimes even gold. For example, if someone’s accessory is over the top ‘shiny’ one may here, “Wow, check out the bling bling on her”. This can be either taken as a sarcasm or a compliment, again it depends on the individual. While majority use the word twice in succession, there are also those who use it just once. For example, “What’s with all the bling on you?”

At times, the word is also used in reference to extremely expensive clothes, cars and general lifestyle. For instance, “Have you seen Amitabh Bachchan’s mansion? I have never seen so much bling.”

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