On the ladder of success

The MSc students of Indian Academy, who bagged the top ranks at the university level, attribute their success to hard work and determination.

talented Bhavani Rachamalla, Moumi Roychowdhury and Anju Modi.They have not only made their parents proud but have also proved that today’s generation is focussed. They know what they want and how to get it too.

Interestingly, all the four ranks holders from the Academy are girls. They are Bhavani Rachamalla, Moumi Roychowdhury, Anju Modi and Sushree Sangita Senapati. Metrolife interacted with Bhavani, Moumi and Anju to find out how they struck gold. They say that discipline, commitment and the eagerness to reach somewhere is what made them burn the midnight oil and that they didn’t rest until they got what they wanted.

But none of them were neck-deep in books. They had their share of fun too. Each of them had different ways to unwind like cooking, playing games, listening to music and hanging out with friends. They said they enjoyed a lot but never strayed from their goals.They have landed themselves regular and well-paid jobs. The girls believe that what held them in good stead was the training and the productive time they spent in college.

Bhavani Rachamalla from Andhra Pradesh, who has done her Masters in Applied Sciences, says that the training and additional coaching she received in college has been an advantage, “I would never sit late and stress myself.  I had a fixed schedule.The notes that I took down in class were sacred and all the extra reading helped. I would always listen to music and hang out with my friends to relax,” says Bhavani. She doesn’t believe in losing sleep but says she stayed focussed throughout the year.

Moumi Roychowdhury, who has majored in Organic Chemistry, took up cooking to unwind. “There were times when I would write a formula in chemistry 100 times just to remember it. The subject is tough and requires constant practice and attention. That’s the dedication I had throughout the year,” she reasons. She adds that she has always enjoyed studying the subject.

Her classmate Anju Modi from Assam too has majored in Organic Chemistry, “I would attribute my success to all the extra teaching in college. The members of the faculty always made the effort to ensure that they went beyond the text book,” Anju says.

They trio would like to contribute to society rather than earn a degree, get married and settle down. “Marriage will happen when it has to happen. It’s not a priority at the moment. Our parents are supportive and that’s our strength,” they add.

Dr T Somasekhar, Chairman of Indian Academy is thrilled about the Academy securing four ranks in a row. “It is our commitment to provide the students in-depth knowledge of the subjects. Our in-house research projects at the departmental level have helped and guided the students into the world of research. This gave them an idea of how to conceive, design, plan and execute research-based projects. That’s our strength,” observes Somasekhar.

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