Celebration of life and love

And, the festivities continue. Moments Mall at Kirti Nagar recently organised a music and dance event with artistes from “Kingdom of Dreams” group.

dance moves Performers enthralling the audience.

Bhangra, Manipuri and Kathakali dancers presented their  vibrant performances and set the stage on fire. The bhangra group on their first round made a pompous entry with loud dhol beats and colourful costumes. They not just gave an incredible performance but also invited the crowd to join them. The second round of performance was even livelier as people joined in to shake their leg.

Folk dancers from Manipur fascinated the visitors with their terrific performance and remarkable balancing acts. The visitors remained spellbound for the entire 20 minutes performance. The dancers were in their traditional folk attires.

The kathakali dance was the last and the most beautiful performance. The dance form which is originally from Kerala was a treat to the visitors and presented a spectacular view. After their final round of performance, the dancers did a procession inside the mall while they were being applauded and cheered by the crowd.

Paras Arora, senior vice president, Moments Mall says, “The event was organised to highlight the vibrant folk culture of India and to gather attention to lesser-known dance forms like the Manipuri dance which was greatly appreciated.”

Moments Mall, which is a premium shopping mall in Central Delhi, close to Kirti Nagar Metro Station, also had other ongoing activities like donation drives which was a huge hit as people excitedly donated clothes and other gifts to the underprivileged children.

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