Rules are meant to be broken

From blaming the government for not making strict laws to accusing the authorities for dysfunctional red lights and faded zebra crossing, Delhiites might believe in passing the buck, but when it comes to following rules, these pedestrians are speechless!

cool casual Jaywalkers on the go. DH Photo: chaman Gautam

At the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) corridor near Chirag Dilli, traffic controller Sidhi Singh gets a nightmare while controlling an unruly mob who cross the road even while the traffic signal is green. A baffled Sidhi says, “These pedestrians don’t follow the traffic rules while crossing the road. These rules are meant for their safety yet they don’t realise this fact and end up playing with their lives.”

At the same spot, Rajender Kumar hurriedly crosses the road without realising the importance of any traffic signal. When inquired about the reason of this haste, the maintenance worker says, “I wanted to fill my bottle of water as we were about to have lunch!”

A few metres away from the red light, Raees Khan jumps over the railing in a slipshod manner. He says, “The manner in which I often jump over the railing is wrong but I don’t want to travel to the opposite direction just to take the zebra crossing.” Just a moment later, a young boy with a tea kettle in his hand also jumps over the railing in the same manner.

At Safdarjung Hospital red light, the stretch of the road is comparatively small and the signal turns red every few minutes to allow the pedestrians to safely cross the road yet the recklessness prevails. Devender Sharma crosses the road while the signal is still green and says with nonchalance, “This way of crossing the road is wrong but since there weren’t many vehicles coming this way, I didn’t feel the need for the signal to turn red.”

Another educated Delhiite and a trainee at Safdarjung Hospital, Raju Ahmed Laskar, braved the traffic to cross the road during red light. He proudly says, “Since everyone is crossing the road this way, I also get the confidence to do the same!” When asked about following the regulations he adds, “If people stop doing it, I will stop it too.”

At the inner circle of Connaught Place, families too choose to throw caution to the wind. Sunita Tandon, a homemaker crosses the road with her two children without looking out for any vehicle.  When asked why she does this? She just smiles with a “sorry.”

On the callous attitude of these jaywalkers, Tarun Narang, a garment businessman says, “I have to apply breaks at the last minute to save people who don’t think twice before attempting such acts of bravery. Why don’t these people realise that they are risking their own life?”

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