Service to Aids victims better than homa: Pejawar seer

Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain training centre inaugurated

Lauding the service rendered to the Aids victims at Asha Kirana Charitable Trust, Pejawar Seer Vishveshthirtha Swamiji said here on Wednesday that it was a greater service than the homa he was performing at the Krishna Dhama.

He was speaking after inaugurating the Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain Training Centre and OT Block at the Asha Kirana premises and in his characterstically open way said that these days it was less better to talk about the medical field with so much of exploitation going on. However, the best service one can render to human kind is to treat Aids victims as they are treated as untouchables even today by the society.

Stressing on the qualities that is required to do such yeomen service, the seer said that what was required was a kind of penance. There are alternate medicines like allopathy, homeopathy, naturopathy but what the patient really needs is ‘sympathy,’ he said in a lighter vein.

Deputy commissioner P S Vastrad moved by the work done by the trust to the Aids victims said that he had always considered former president Abdul Kalam as a role model but after seeing the work at Asha Kirana, he had found a better role model, he declared.

Earlier, Asha Kirana Charitable Trust chairman Dr S N Mothi giving a report of the Trust’s path over the years said that one of the most satisfying moments in over 14 years of its existence was the intervention of the 397 HIV positive pregnant cases in which all the children born were transmission free.

The Jain community had donated in cash and kind to the trust over the years. One donor had donated an ambulance last year and this year a generator to the trust on his birthday, said one of its trustees Hemachand Jain.

A book on Paediatric HIV Aids authored by Dr Mamatha M Lala and Dr S N Mothi was also released on the occasion.

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