Bigg Boss win beginning of my second innings on TV: Juhi

Bigg Boss win beginning of my second innings on TV: Juhi

Bigg Boss win beginning of my second innings on TV: Juhi

Actress Juhi Parmar, who won the fifth season of controversial reality show Bigg Boss, says it is the beginning of her second innings on television as her weight had kept her away from work.

"It is like a second innings for me. I wanted to start working but only after reducing weight and getting into proper shape. I was away from work for a year or so. My weight was a big hindrance in my career which I gained due to medical reasons.

"But no excuses are accepted in the industry. For me the struggle was to lose weight, my target was that," Juhi told PTI in an interview after winning the show last night.

"Bigg Boss came my way so I took it up. I thought it was the right thing before I begin work," she added.

Before getting into Bigg Boss, Juhi had lost 10 kgs and after going to the show she lost four kgs.

The actress, who shot to fame on the daily soap 'Kumkum', said she had not expected to win Bigg Boss.

"The feeling is yet to sink in. Forget about winning the show, I had never expected to be there till the finale. I felt as I was not the focal point of the show I may not last longer. I never picked up fights or anything of that sort," Juhi said.

"But I was not the silent player. I used to talk, laugh, cry, voice my opinion, stand up for the truth," she said.

Juhi feels fights and controversies do not help any contestant in the long run.

"If I had picked up fights then I wouldn't have won the show. I have hardly had any major brawl on the show. It takes you ahead in the show but it does not help you win. That is not the mantra," she said.

Grabbing the winner's title, Juhi won Rs one crore prize money besides a trophy last night, leaving behind Akashdeep Saigal, Siddharth Bhardwaj and Mahek Chahal.
But the actress has not yet thought of how she would spend the money, except that she would keep it for her kids.