CPI-M slams Trinamool for sidelining Congress

Fuelling the controversy of the Congress acting as the B-Team of the Left, the Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) Sunday alleged that Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was running the West Bengal government on her own whims and fancies, completely sidelining its Congress alliance partner.

"What is going on in the alliance between Congress and Trinamool is shameful.

Nobody could have ever imagined that such bitterness could have existed in alliance politics. The Left Front has governed the state for last 34 years, it was a combination of several parties which had come together fought for the interests of the common people. People had seen how the Left Front had functioned in last three decades," said an editorial in CPI-M mouthpiece "Ganashakti".

"Trinamool is a party which revolves round only person. The whims and conditions of the leader (Mamata Banerjee) are the policies and programmes of the party. Except the leader, everybody in the party doesn’t have any existence of their own. The leader is also trying to run the Congress-Trinamoool alliance government in the state in the same way,” it said.

Banerjee had alleged that Congress was acting as a "B-Team" of the CPI-M and had colluded with the Left to harm the state government. On Saturday, she said the Congress was free to walk out of the state government.

“They (Congress) have few ministers but nobody can make a move without the permission of the leader. Though it is alliance government, but actually it is running on the whims and condition of the leader. She doesn’t keep the Congress in the loop,” said the editorial.

“There is no cooperation and coordination between the alliance partners. So the Congress is getting agitated day by day and that is why though an alliance partner but still the Congress is protesting against the various policies of the state government,” it said.

The editorial stated that the pre-poll alliance between Congress and Trinamool was done with one and only aim of capturing the seat of power of the state.

“Congress went for the alliance with Trinamool for saving their government at the centre and the main intention of Trinamool behind the alliance was to get undue administrative help to oust the previous Left Front of the state,” said the editorial.

It also stated that due to continuous mudslinging between ministers of the Trinamool and the Congress, the political culture has degenerated beyond imagination.

“Actually this kind of culture is expected from a party (Trianmool) which gives shelter to criminals and anti-socials,” it alleged.

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