Ban Ki-moon to visit North Pole to see consequences of climate change


"The purpose of my visiting the North Pole is again to see for myself the consequences of melting glaciers in the North Pole. It is two years since my visit to Antarctica, the opposite Pole," Ban told reporters on Wednesday.

During his two-day stay, Ban will visit polar stations and research institutes on Longyearbyen, a town on the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen, deep inside the Arctic Circle. "There I would like to send out a strong message to the world on what I have seen," ban said.

"This is an accelerating phenomenon of global warming. That, I hope will be heard by world leaders, and this will provide some good conditions for the leaders to discuss climate change on September 22nd in New York," Ban said.
Responding to a question, Ban said there are differences in opinion on what would be the optimum, the desirable limit of increase in global temperature per year.
The IPCC (Intergovernmental Penal of Climate Change) has made recommendations and world leaders - particularly the G8 leaders - have agreed on the annual limit, he said, acknowledging that scientists are now looking at how to adjust the accelerating global warming situation.

"In the G8 summit meeting they had discussed this matter, but we will see. There are some differing positions on this. I am not in a position to say anything technical," he said.

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