Kashmiri Pandits vow to fight for separate homeland'

Kashmiri Pandits vow to fight for separate homeland'

"Displaced Pandit youths will fight for reclaiming a separate homeland in Kashmir and protect the language and culture," a resolution adopted at a two-day conference that concluded last night said.

Through another resolution, the conference, addressed by eminent Kashmiri Pandit leaders and thinkers, also decided to "explore and facilitate empowerment of displaced Kashmiri Pandit youths, especially those underprivileged, living in various camps in Jammu and elsewhere".

It also acknowledged the sacrifices made by elders, while responding to the situation created by a "forced exile".

Kamal Hak, national spokesperson of Panun Kashmir, said the tragic displacement of Pandits from their homeland had created a "sense of detachment from roots" and a feeling of being a stranger in their own country.

Khema Kaul, spokesperson of Kashmiri Vahini exhorted the youth to "equip themselves with history and culture" to achieve their goal.

Noted Kashmiri playwright Amar Malmohi highlighted how political class in the valley was "Islamalising" the language, literature and culture of Kashmir.