'Bhanwari killed at politician's behest: CBI

'Bhanwari killed at politician's behest: CBI

'Bhanwari killed at politician's behest: CBI

 Wrapping up its probe into the Bhanwari Devi murder case, the CBI on Monday claimed it has corroborative evidence to establish that the 36-year-old nurse was murdered and burnt allegedly at the behest of a political leader.

Sources in the agency said the auxiliary nurse had been strangled and later burnt. Her ashes along with belongings were dumped in the nearby Rajiv Gandhi canal.

One of the accused had told the Central Bureau of Investigation that her watch was also dumped in the canal, prompting the agency to seek help of the Rajasthan government in stopping the water flow to enable the investigators with the state police to look for the pieces of evidences.

The CBI had found the replaced latch of the watch from the residence of Bhanwari and it was identified by her son.

The sources said that some of the political leaders in the state were aware of the conspiracy to murder her.

The identification of Bhanwari’s belongings by the son has corroborated the statement of one of the main accused, Kailash Jakhar, who had said that he had thrown her belongings into the canal.

Political turmoil

The case saw a political turmoil in Rajasthan leading to resignation of Mahipal Maderna as water resources minister. He is now in jail. Another Congress legislator Malkhan Singh Bishnoi was also arrested by the CBI.