Builders embracing innovative construction technology to cut cost

Builders embracing innovative construction technology to cut cost

With an ever increasing need to keep cost low, builders across the country are resorting to innovative technologies from around the globe.

Technologies like ‘slip form construction’, ‘pre-fabricated construction’, ‘Mivan technology’ and ‘dry-wall technique’ are finding many takers in the country.

Says Mantri Developers Pvt Ltd (MDPL) Chairman & Managing Director Sushil Mantri, “Technological innovations are making far reaching changes in the construction fields.”
He pointed out that many companies from Europe, China and Malaysia are coming to India with new technologies. They bring in cost advantage and reduce execution time.

In this regard, Mantri Developers President-Execution R P Ranganatha said they are making use of Mivan shuttering to give superior finish and timely delivery and compensate with higher cost of framework.

Mantri is also planning to streamline and improvise in de-watering technology, which once again saves time and cost during construction, he said. Mantri is also exploring the possibility of using reconstituted marble for flooring and cladding as it alleviates a uniform finish.

Puravanakara Projects Limited CEO Jackbastian K Nazareth said “Puravanakara is using Mivan technology of construction for their ‘Purva Highlands’ (Kanakapura), ‘Purva Venezia’ (Yelahanka) and ‘Purva Skywood’ (Sarjapur) which is more stable and earthquake resistant.”

Mivan technology uses approximately 70 per cent more steel and doubles the life of a building. It is used for constructing walls, beams and columns. Here aluminium partitions are used to create thin chambers where concrete is poured to construct wall as against the conventional way of using bricks and cement mix. Besides the advantage of carrying out painting without plastering, Mivan reduces time of construction by minimum 10 days and labour by around 20 per cent.

Volume game
Nazreth said: “Innovative construction techniques would certainly add up to construction cost, depending on the type of project. Volumes play an important role in selecting these technologies.”

Prestige Group Executive Director (Projects & Planning) V Gopal said with timely completion of projects a challenge and intense competition to clinch attractive deals naturally necessitates adoption of new technologies.

However, a leading architect in the City, opined that these technologies are not for Indian situation because cost factor plays spoilsport. 

“We need technologies more Indian in nature and that can reduce the cost. The Government should popularise them so that it can solve the teething troubles of housing in the country,” he added.