'There is not a bit of skin show'

'There is not a bit of skin show'

Courting controversy

Pooja Gandhi recently made headlines for her apparent nude shot in the upcoming Kannada movie Dandupalya and now legendary director SV Rajendra Singh Babu’s daughter Risheeka Singh is in the middle of a controversy because of the poster of her latest movie Yaaredre Nanagenu.

The poster, which showcases the actress without any clothes but completely covered with broken mud, has irked women’s rights organisations and several other
social groups who have held protests in the City.

However, Risheeka is unaffected by the controversy and says that she stands by the poster and the film.

“For me, the poster is not a picture but an image and is the vision of director S K Basheed.

There is not a bit of skin show in the entire picture, so I don’t know why these organisations are making such a hue and cry over it. There is something called freedom of expression in creative field. If it does prove to be unsuitable for viewing, there is a censor board which will take the final call,” says Risheeka.

According to Risheeka, a nude scene involves complete skin show. “How can you prove that this poster is a nude shot? No one can pinpoint and tell that there is  skin shown out there. The only thing we have done is to highlight some of the body parts but that is because we wanted to tell people that it’s a woman in the picture.” 
The ‘image’, she says, is a scene in the film, where her character is beaten up – almost killed, and buried alive. “She then emerges out of the mud and walks away. I would like to tell people to not just look at the body but to look at the expression on the face. There is pain and a feeling of reaching a saturation point on the character’s face,” she explains.  
When asked if all this was a publicity stunt for the film, she says, “If I had to do it for publicity I would have just released a picture of me in a bikini, which I did before for Kanteerava, why didn’t they protest then? We are in an age when we need to
compete with international cinema and by creating such silly issues, we are only
pushing ourselves behind,” she says.

Calling it a realistic cinema, Risheeka says she has no regrets taking up the project and even has the support of her father Rajendra Singh Babu. “He is very happy that I am daring to attempt something new and working with a director who is thinking out of the box. At the end of the day, I am an actor and will only do what the character demands and give it my best to showcase the director’s vision,” she signs off.