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This year, start coding
»A young man approached an expert and asked what advice he had for a non-technical person. “Try to get technical,” said the expert.

In the last few years PCs, mobiles and tablets have spread like virus and digitised everything they have touched. Organisations and professionals across a wide spectrum of industries have come under pressure to learn how technology works and deploy it to their benefit.  Even if you do not intend to code for a living, knowing programming basics will give you an edge.

But for most non-technical professionals, learning programming has been a daunting task so far. There are intimidating books and CDs and impregnable jargons, all of which threaten to take away a few months of your life. For all those who have gone through this tedious exercise, there is good news. 

Codeacademy, a US-based start up, is offering easy online lessons on programming basics. Go to and sign up for online lessons on programming. By putting in about 5 hours per lesson you become a budding programmer.

More than 2,63,000 people, including New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg, have signed up for these lessons, which started rolling out this Monday. There was a loud buzz on Twitter as well. Why is there such an overwhelming response to Code Year?

First, Codeacademy has mastered a way to simplify programming and make it accessible to newbies. If you visit, it takes less than five seconds to start learning javascript.

You are engaged in interactive, sequential and entertaining sessions, which impart the essentials, without seriously taxing your mind. The idea is not to turn you into a geek overnight, but to show you the basics. Second, the lessons are offered free of cost. Third, People are realising that in the unfolding digital universe, programming is a skill as basic as reading and writing.