Why resolutions fail

Why resolutions fail

Come New Year, and you can behold many folks, chalking out their resolutions. Since the onset of a new year has always been a kind of harbinger to new resolutions and activities.

The resolutions could be anything like sloughing off slothfulness to working on whittling off those extra inches of unsightly body flab.

Or, to take up a couple of weekend short-term courses, which would brighten your career prospects, and broaden your knowledge horizon.

Or, to restart learning of swimming, car-driving, etc, for which you’d have long back bid adieu, after your early attempts at it had precipitated in a fiasco.

Or to embark on an altruistic drive, and in spare time indulge in a whit of philanthropic activities by physically /financially helping the residents of an orphanage or an old-age home.

Well, the list is endless. For, every year we make umpteen such resolutions and eventually break them, too.  Why our resolutions invariably fail, and more often than not, turn out to be farcical, too? 

It’s because, when we make a resolution and begin working on it, initially we’d have gone about it with unbridled energy, and indefatigable gusto. Soon, we find our enthusiasm slowly waning, and the zest with which we’d have started an activity, gradually petering out.

So, it’s apparent that besides just making resolutions, what we also need is the singular focus and dogged determination to succeed in whatever mission we embark on.

Yes, it’s good to make resolutions by setting some very exciting goals/targets, to achieve/accomplish something great/amazing in life. For this, our efforts/energy should be copious and consistent, and not just in dribs and drabs.

Apart from this phenomenal efforts and energy, when we possess that indomitable spirit and unswerving will, indubitably we’d come out trumps in all those things we’d have set our sights on. We should note here that we can’t expect some stupendous results overnight when we strive for something in life.

So, when you have made a resolution with great tenacity, stick to it, and with great pertinacity, just go pursuing it, till you experience the ‘thumping success’ in whatever task you have undertaken.

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