Chocolate-chipped charmed Iron Cross

Chocolate-chipped charmed Iron Cross

Magic Eye

This gorgeous plant gets its name from the magical way in which it resembles the German Iron Cross which originated in 1813 and was given to men for bravery. Unfortunately it was also given to Hitler in World War 1!

But this winning plant that resembles the cross is very addictive and begonia lovers will do almost anything to obtain it. Its leaves are like a metallic velvet bronze and sea-green carpet with the exotic design of the Iron Cross neatly painted over it in dark chocolate paint. This beauty is very delicate and has to be pampered with a eastern window seat. It can be gazed at daily to enjoy its Iron Cross design but it should not be watered till it dries up. Even then, it often suddenly vanishes and makes gardeners almost weep with its loss.
It is also rare and if it suddenly appears sensible begonia lovers will pounce on it.  Best of all it is reasonably priced at Rs. 50. It is truly a plant that deserves to live in the Magic Eye zone! It certainly adds a dollop of chocolate-charmed magic to daily living.

Pic and text: Daksha Hathi

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