Government 'lost morality' to rule, says Malhotra

Government 'lost morality' to rule, says Malhotra

Leader of Opposition in Delhi Assembly V K Malhotra on Tuesday trashed the achievements of Delhi government.

Leader of Opposition in Delhi Assembly V K Malhotra. He said the government had “lost the morality” to rule and demanded an FIR against minister Raj Kumar Chauhan for alleged irregularities in issuance of provisional certificates to unauthorised colonies.

Malhotra said the certificates were issued under the instructions of Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit and United Progressive Alliance chairperson Sonia Gandhi ahead of the 2008 Assembly elections.

“Chauhan issued the certificates at the instructions of Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit and Congress President Sonia Gandhi. People were cheated. An FIR should have been lodged against Chauhan,” alleged Malhotra while participating in the debate on Motion of Thanks on Lt Governor’s address.

“You are in majority. I agree with you. You people have the number, but you don't have the morality. Lokayukta has recommended against ministers and others. What moral right do you have to continue in power?” he asked.

The Bharatiya Janata Party leader then went on to deflate the achievements of the government and its claim that Delhi is one of the finest cities of the world. Malhotra alleged more than 50 per cent of areas do not have sewerage lines, there is water problem and no government hospital with facilities to look after the poor and needy. “Is this a world class city? he asked.

“More than 225 people died in accidents on Ring Road alone last year. More than 2,000 children go missing in the city. We don’t know whether they are being forced into begging or there is some gang operating who sells their body parts. You go to government hospitals and see what the condition is. Can we really claim Delhi is world class city?”

Malhotra listed almost all the problems in the Capital and alleged the Delhi government is only bothered about rich companies.

“What was the need to give bailout packages to discoms run by Tata and Reliance. Don't they have money? They run multi-crore businesses with profits and the government goes out of its way to help them. Why?” said Malhotra referring to recent Delhi government decision to give a bailout package of Rs 500 crore to the power distribution companies.

Malhotra’s speech came to abrupt end when, disturbed by the frequent reminder by Deputy Speaker Ambarish Gautam about speaking beyond allocated time, BJP leaders along with him walked out of the House.