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Mean machines

In one of its breath-taking series, Discovery Science presents ‘Weaponology’, which travels through time, to explore the men, machines and moments that shaped the feared fighting force of that era.

‘Weaponology’ airs on January 13 at 10.30 pm.

Arty plans
HBO presents ‘The Maiden Heist’ on January 13 at 9 pm. Starring Morgan Freeman, Christopher Walken and William H Macy, the film is all about three museum security guards who live lives of quiet captivation, each enraptured by a particular work of art.

Roger, Charles and George are each so lost in fascination with the artwork of their affection that although they have been coworkers for decades, they only meet for the first time when crisis strikes – there is a new curator in town and his plan is to change the museum’s collection is totally threatening to rob each man of his greatest secret passion in life.

The men forge a plan to retain the works of art they hold most dear. Though hardly criminal masterminds, their inflamed hearts drive them to plan and execute the most daring art heist ever conceived from the inside — with hilarious results! 

Tracking down the killer
Watch ‘CID’ on January 13 at 10 pm on Sony Entertainment Television. Cops come across a mysterious handbag with a blood-stained knife and tissues.

The forensic department reveals that the blood belongs to three different people.  Now the cops need to catch the owner of the handbag in order to find out who is blood it is. But they have only have a photograph to trace her.

All about  cars
Appraise My Car’ airs on Discovery Turbo on January 13 at 9.30 pm. ‘Appraise My Car’ is a collection car “valuation” series that brings together great cars, real car owners and collector car experts in a “studio garage” where the cars truly take centre stage.

The ‘Appraise My Car’ expert staff travels to large collector car events around the country in search of car owners who would like to know what their car is worth.