'Use of logic is important in learning maths'

'Use of logic is important in learning maths'

Science and students

The teachers should imbibe logical thinking among students in teaching mathematics.

Dr Vijayendra speaks to students on Thursday, the second day of Student-Scientist interaction organised by the Karnataka State Science Council at the Chennayya Rangamandira in Kolar. DH Photo

Students also should not be dependant on the teachers all the time, instead try to learn on own, said Dr Balachandra Rao.

The honorary Director of Gandhi Centre for Science and Human Values, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan in Bangalorewas speaking about India’s contribution to the field of mathematics on the second day of Student-Scientist interaction organised by the Karnataka State Science Council at T Chennaiah theatre in Kolar on Thursday.


Dr Rao rued that mathematics is considered the toughest subject in India, a country which has given major contributions to the mathematics field.

“Teachers are the main reason behind creating such a opinion about maths and students who do not show any interest in the subject are the next major reason for building such an opinion about the subject. Not only mathematics but even Physics and Chemistry are  considered as tough subjects,” he said.

“Mathematics is a abstract form of subject which needs logical elements to explain it. Most of the science based subjects need logical explanation. If either teacher or students miss on the logic part of any science subject, it becomes superstition” he said.

Student’s role

Regardless of the teachers’ approach and style of teaching, students should not lose interest in the subject. Any subject becomes clearer and interesting with a logical touch to it, said Prof M R Nagaraj, speaking to students.

“For example, while learning or teaching Newtons theory of relativity, studying or relating it with theories of Kepler, thinkings of Copernicus and formulas of Ptolemy, will make the subjects logically strong and the subjects becomes clearer. This kind of study is important,” he explained.

Dr Vijayendra, Scientist at Sericulture College at Kurabur in Chintamani spoke about prosperity of land resources.Manjula Bheemarao, District Co-ordinator was present on the occasion.