Ambiguity continues over Vasundhara's resignation

Ambiguity continues over Vasundhara's resignation

Uncertainty giving rise to rumours of split in the party

Rajasthan Assembly Leader of Opposition Vasundhara Raje with BJP MLAs at a dharna, demanding withdrawal of suspension of three party legislators with immediate effect, outside the Assembly in Jaipur on Thursday. PTI

As she sat on the steps of the majestic assembly building, surrounded by slogan shouting BJP MLAs, she seemed to be fighting her own battle. At a protest, which could very well be, her last performance as leader of the opposition, at least for the time being, Raje preferred to be ambiguous over the obvious question.

“I have taken up the fight,” she said while avoiding any committal reference to her decision to step down following party high command’s directives. Rather she availed of the opportunity to reassert her commitment and dedication to the people of Rajasthan. Thus, leaving the most haunting question unanswered—will she resign or won’t she?


When asked about apprehensions of imminent vertical split in Rajasthan BJP, she said, that will be the next episode. Wait and watch. If the heads that joined her at today’s protest and Wednesday’s legislative members’ meet chaired by her are any indication, one could gauge her confidence as well as her dilemma.  Her detractors, however, would rather choose to call it defiance. While she’s keeping everyone guessing, perhaps buying time for the inevitable to happen, she seems hurt over the turbulence within the party over her resignation. If the decision has been left to me, why it’s being made an issue then, she asked rather curtly. I will continue to serve the people whether or not I am holding a post, she added.

While her supporters are hoping for some miracle to help salvage Raje’s present crisis, her detractors are desperately eyeing to step into her shoes as early as possible.

Organisational sources say, all issues have been sorted out and the uncertainty surrounding her resignation will soon end.