Bommanahalli has roads and drains, but only on paper

Bommanahalli has roads and drains, but only on paper

Irregularities extend into the newly-added areas as well, even as residents cry for facilities.

The tentacles of the multi-crore fake bill scam in the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) seem to have spread to every road and drain across the City and not just limited to Gandhinagar, Malleswaram and Rajarajeshwari Nagar.

Even newly formed constituencies aren’t spared from the large-scale loot of tax-payers’ money. Projects undertaken in Bommanahalli constituency are a case in point.

According to sources, fake bills worth more than Rs 150 crore were produced for incomplete or shoddy project works since 2008.

Lakshmikant, who has been residing in Bommanahalli area for over 40 years, said: “We have no idea what the BBMP is doing here. Basically, it doesn’t take up any work. And if it does, the end result is substandard roads and drains. It looks like officials and elected representatives are here only to make money.”

Begur Main Road, a vital stretch in Bommanahalli, is just over 50 feet wide, but the traffic volume here is enormous. Tenders to asphalt the road and construct box drains have been called many times. But there are drains only in a few places. For, much of the drain area is either encroached on by building owners, or covered with old stone blocks.

To construct and repair just a stretch of the pothole-ridden Begur-Devarachikkanahalli, tenders were called twice for Rs 95 lakh. But potholes resurfaced soon after, because of sub-standard construction material, residents allege.

Shamanna Reddy, a resident, says the BBMP officials have not maintained proper records for any of their works. “They issue work order for some place and carry out work elsewhere. In some places, they leave work half done, and in others, it is substandard,” he says.

“They repair good roads for no reason,” he says, citing the example of Venkateshwara Temple Road in Hongasandra. “This road was in a good condition after the BBMP asphalted it. But the Palike concretised the asphalted road,” he said.

For one of the roads in Hongasandra, tenders had been called twice for Rs 28,33,000 and Rs 26,97,000, although the estimated cost was only Rs 23 lakh.
Large-scale irregularities in road projects have been reported in Garvebhavipalya. Documents reveal that the BBMP had spent over Rs 98 lakh only to construct about 100 metres of the stretch from Hosur Main Road to Begur Main Road upto the BBMP office.

Contracts were awarded for asphalting the roads for Rs 70 lakh and Rs 90 lakh.
“I do not know which department lays roads and which agency supplies water. Every now and then, some leader comes here and carries out some road work, but the roads gets damaged within three months. Whom should we complain to” asks Ramappa, a resident of Garvebhavipalya.

The BBMP had proposed to construct public toilets in Bandepalya and Parangipalya, but bills have been cleared even before 50 per cent of the work is completed. Nearly Rs 20 lakh was spent on constructing box drains and asphalting the 13(A) Cross on Begur Main Road. As things stand, only half the drain work is over, and poor quality roads still plague residents and vehicle users.

In Laxmi Layout in Garvebhavipalya, the Palike had invited tenders for work on construction of box drains and contract for asphalting was awarded on paper, but the actual work is hardly seen. Most of the areas such as Kithaganur and Kulla Reddy Layout do not even have a proper pathway.

Desilting and clearing of drains in Muniyappa Layout in Garvebhavipalya is another source for scamsters. Tenders were called for Rs five lakh for cleaning the drain in 2010-11. In the BBMP’s records, the bills are cleared, but work is apparently yet to take off.

No civic work has been taken up since 2009 in and around Mico Layout, Laxmi Layout, behind Adarsha School, Devarachikkanahalli, Nadanna Layout and Madina Nagar.

I am living in Bhuvaneshwari Nagar for the past 28 years and as far as I remember, the asphalting happened here only twice - in 2000 and 2009 – which was very shoddy. Saying that the roads in our area were asphalted multiple times is simply lying.
Byrappa, Resident, Bhuvaneshwari Nagar, Bagalgunte

Fake bills have been prepared for more than Rs 100 crore here. We have no idea what development works the BBMP has taken up here. No proper records are maintained. In Bommanahalli, either no work is taken up or the work is of substandard quality. 
C Nagabhushan Reddy, Congress leader, Bommanahalli

The engineers manufacture a requirement of work in some area on paper. They show that some work has taken place in the area and then, in connivance with the contractors, they get the full payment.
P R Ramesh, Former mayor