TV talk

TV talk

Disastrous history

Watch ‘Animal Armageddon’ on Animal Planet on January 16 at 10 pm. Against a backdrop of global disaster, ‘Animal Armageddon’ brings to life an unprecedented vision of ancient earth. Creating the most authentic vision of our lost worlds, each episode reveals a fascinating story, rich in cinematic imagery.

Reconstructing a history of events from the beginning of earth’s existence in stunning cinema-quality CGI, this epic series of disaster movies depicts the mass extinction of dinosaurs and other species which once roamed our

This gripping series is a countdown to catastrophe asking the central, compelling question of all time — who shall live and who
shall die?

A new entrant
Devon Ke Dev Mahadev on Life OK will witness the entry of a bold and beautiful lady, Madinike aka Rakshanda Khan. Having acted in couple of television shows, Rakshanda now comes to play an integral role in the Shiv-Sati love story.

Madinike will be one of the most beautiful women on the show who is witty, unmarried and has a good sense of humour. But she is also blunt and speaks her mind. She is the head of all the utsavs and functions in the galaxy.

No function is complete without her. She is also in charge of teaching dance to the apsaras and kinnars. Everyone respects her for her dancing talent and dazzling personality. She is very fond of Sati and treats her as her own daughter.

 “I am super excited and love my character on the show. Also, it’s the first time that I will be acting in a mythological show. So it’s pretty exciting and I can’t wait to start shooting for the show,” says Rakshanda.

With a talented actress like Rakshanda on board, the audiences will surely be glued to their couch. Keep watching Devon Ke Dev Mahadev to witness a completely unexpected twist in the story, every Monday to Sunday at 8 pm on Life OK.

Desperate to win
On the latest episode of season 17 of ‘America’s Next Top Model’, the girls are taken to the beach where they are introduced to a charity initiative.

They get into a game of flag football for a good cause. Once split into two teams, each of the two teams is joined by two players from the NFL (Julian Edelman, Jahvid Best, Kareem Jackson and Dante Hughes), with the winning team earning US $5,000 for these football players’ charities.

Apart from trying to win the match, the contestants also have to face a photo shoot challenge with the footballers, set by fashion photographer Nigel Barker in the midst of the game.

At the end of the adrenaline-filled morning, the girls are introduced to supermodel Coco Rocha who they would be modeling with in pairs.

The bar fight-themed photo shoot is taken to the next level as Alexandria and Bre entertain everyone with their loud screams throughout the shoot.

But Jay and Coco are concerned that they are more of actors than

At the time of the panel’s decision, some girls come out in flying colours while a few seem to have lost their lustre.

Find out who gets the top call out and who finishes last on ‘America’s Next Top Model’, Monday to Friday, 10 pm on Big CBS Love.

Booked to cook
TLC’s ‘Chew’ consists of some mouth-watering shows that definitely leave everyone craving for food.

This daily line-up of shows will simply make you fall in love with food.

Watch on as the goddesses of kitchen like Nigella Lawson, the legendary Kylie Kwong and our own Anjum Anand dish out various delicacies.

Catch these gurus of food every day as ‘Chew’ airs at 1 pm and 7 pm.

Love takes a different angle
Sony MAX presents ‘Robot’, starring Rajnikanth and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, on January 16 at 8 pm.

Dr Vaseekaran, a scientist, toils for ten years and creates the first andro-humanoid robot and names it Chitti.

 He wants to use it for the Indian Army. But Dr Bora, another senior scientist, disapproves of Chitti as it cannot judge like a human.

Then Dr Vaseekaran induces human feelings in Chitti. But things turn upside down as Chitti falls in love with Dr Vaseekaran’s girlfriend Sana.

Hence, Dr Vaseekaran destroys Chitti.

Dr Bora brings the destroyed robot back to life. He intends to sell it and make money. But Chitti’s love for Sana turns it into a villain.

 It becomes destructive and even goes on a killing spree. What happens next? Tune in to find out.