It's quite a 'touchy' affair!

It's quite a 'touchy' affair!

Earlier, if you had a mobile phone, you were very lucky.

Youngsters find smart phones user-friendly and attractive.

Then if you had a phone with a coloured screen, you were the most envied! 
But all that is passe now as it’s the age of smart phones, feel students. They find these phones not only user-friendly and attractive, but also affordable and impressive.

So bring out those HTCs, BlackBerrys, iPhones and Samsungs as they are the coolest things on campus!

Sachin, a seventh semester student of RV College of Engineering, says that the sale of smart phones is increasing. “You have the entire world in your hands and unlike earlier, when you had to log on to the net from a computer, you can just get the entire information on your phone. Plus they look funky and make a good impression,” he notes.
He bought a Galaxy Ace an year ago and loves using it. “I can multi-task — browse the internet using my phone and do many other things as well. Even the Android is such a good operating system. You can get different software with the help of which you can explore anything you want,” he adds.    

Most of his friends use a smart phone, he says. “That’s because the prices of smart phones have come down and cellphone companies are producing more smart phones than normal ones,” he adds.

Using a new phone and exploring its features is probably the most exciting time for everyone.

Kaveri, a student of Jyoti Nivas College, too is completely enjoying her new phone — a Samsung Star.

“I’m completely into my phone and can access all the sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Yahoo. There are new applications, new games, in fact I’m just flaunting it ever since I got it,” she laughs.

Her favourite part of a smart phone is the touch screen. “All it takes is a single touch,” she gushes. Hema Rohit Reddy, another student of JNC, probably has the most envied phone of today — a Samsung Galaxy Note. “It’s so amazing that I want to tell people to buy it instead of going for a laptop or an iPad. It’s got so many enhanced features and an eight megapixel camera. I can even take down notes on it so I feel it is a superb phone for students,” she exclaims.

A disadvantage is your alienation from the others as you are hooked on to your phone. But the students don’t mind that. And the worst part is if you end up losing your phone. Well, the students have a way out for that as well! “I can track it down as it has the Global Positioning System (GPS),” informs Hema.  

Yes, there are those who love their good old Nokias too! Vijayendra, another student, has a Nokia 2730 and feels it provides him all that he wants. “It’s a low cost phone and has extremely good features like 3G and fast internet. What more do you need from a phone?” he asks. Another factor is he doesn’t have to worry about the phone getting lost. “I have two spare phones just like this one. So even if my phone gets lost, I don’t have to worry as I haven’t invested a lot in it,” he adds. “And of course, I can drop it as many times as I want,”  he signs off.

Well, the students these days are just highly ‘smart’ we say!