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Sambhrama Puraskar
Curtains came down on this year’s “Nirantharam” with the vocal recital of T M Krishna, on Tuesday, held under the aegis of the Sangeetha Sambhrama, under the direction of Vidushi P Rama.

On this occasion, the “Sambhrama Puraskar” was conferred on Prathibha Prahlad, senior dance artiste.

Lively concert
T M Krishna is a crowd puller, who has developed an exclusive style of his own. His opening kruthi “Bhavanutha’, especially swara phrases round the Daivatha, was quiet appealing. “Janakeepathe” was brief, but full of  “Bhava” and the “Inthakante Kavalana’ was a welcome change from the routine compositions.

Todi flowed from his barrel chest in unabated profusion and charmed the audience with ‘Dachukovalena’, a gem from the treasure chest of Tyagaraja. Even the miscellaneous items like – Madhava mamava, Sharade Karunanidhe, Sagara Shayana Vibho, Balakrishnam Kalaya Sakhi – left the same swing and sway effect. H K Venkatram on violin, Tumkur Ravishankar on mridanga and Vyasa Vittala on khanjari rose to great heights in their supporting roles.

Pleasing vocal duet
Ranjani and Gayathri, who performed in the “Nirantharam” on Monday, are also riding on a wave of popularity which pleases both the conservatives and the lay listeners.
Raga ‘Mandari’ belongs to the family of Kamavardhini. A Shadava raga, sans Dhaivatha and became more popular, probably during post Tyagaraja period.
Ranjani and Gayathri chose ‘Ninu Cheppaga’ of Pattanam Subramanya Iyer with a fine prelude of raga Mandari. Melody, lilt and verve came to their aid in presenting Neelambari, another evocative raga.

When listeners were expecting the usual “Shringara Lahari”, the sisters presented “Neeke Dayaraka”, another fine composition of  Tyagaraja.

The high spot of the evening’s concert was Kharaharapriya and the time tested composition “Rama Nee Eda” of Saint Tyagaraja.

The swara prasthara starting in ‘Vilamba kaala’, gradually moved to ‘drutha kaala’, shared by the duo in turns and developed by each with tautness.
The ending pieces – a devaranama and a abhang – were also pleasing. Excellent team work was afforded by B U Ganesh Prasad (violin), H S Sudhindra (mridanga) and M A Krishnamurthy (ghata).

Symposium on Harikatha
Katha Keerthan’ or Harikatha, is an ancient art which pleases both cognoscenti and lay men. The All Karnataka Keerthana Kala Parishath is striving hard to revive this old art and train young aspirants in the art of Harikatha.

In this direction Shadja Kala Kendra and Keerthana Kala Parishath had jointly organized a day long symposium, last week.

History of Harikatha, story-text of the Katha – epics, history, musical knowledge – and other relevant things were discussed by the speakers.

Veteran Harikatha Vidwan Bhadragiri Achutha Das, Sarvothama Das, Lakshmana Das Velankar, M A Jayarama Rao, Dr A H Rama Rao – and few others spoke on different aspects of Harikatha. Such symposiums are very useful and must be held in all parts of the state.

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