Pejawar seer to start fast from today

Pejawar seer to start fast from today

Pejawar mutt seer Sri Vishweshatheertha Swami  will go on 36 hour long fast till Wednesday noon to prove his sincere efforts to solve the prevailing differences between the seers, for not inviting Puttige seer to the Paryaya Darbar.

Speaking to the media persons he said “I have made all efforts till yesterday. But the final decision of extending invitation is left to the Sode seer who is also under pressure from his teacher and Guru Krishnapur mutt seer Sri Vidyasagaratheertha Swamiji. I can appeal but I cannot force them on this issue as every seer has his independent right to take his own decision”, he said.

He appealed that the issue of not inviting should not be treated as serious or a public issue as it is not a new thing.

Paryaya Shiroor mutt seer Sri Laxmivaratheertha Swamji said all seers should try to sort out the issue amicably and self prestige holds no meaning. He opined that inviting Puttige seer to the Paryaya Darbar and traditional procession is not a big issue when Puttige seer himself has crossed many hurdles like offering prayers without touching the idol of Lord Krishna. 

“There should be unity among the seers of Asta mutts who offer advices besides acting as the lampposts in the pathway of welfare of the society,” he said.

Puttige seer Sri Sugunendratheertha Swamiji announced that he has taken back his allegations against Pejawar seer accusing him of not making serious efforts to solve the problem.