Fighting against all odds

Fighting against all odds


This Republic Day, Select Citywalk will pay an artistic tribute to the soldiers who have laid their lives for the freedom of our country through a unique painting exhibition.

DISABLED DESIRES An artwork on display.The art event will showcase piece d’art of two talented artists, Sheela Sharma and Sreekant Dube, whose works will relate their story of courage and never say die spirit.

Sheela Sharma, who lost her arms in a train accident when she was four, paints with her toes. Essentially from Lucknow, the artist also lost her three toes on the right foot and despite this shortcoming has managed to carve a niche for herself in the world of art.

While relating her story, Sheela says, “After my accident, my father sent me to a boarding school in Delhi, run by an NGO, which works for disabled youth. Since the beginning of my education, I was less interested in studies and more interested in painting. My interest in arts was developed here by my art teacher who became my inspiration.”

The artist who likes to paint figures and nature, doesn’t remember when she first picked up the brush but admits that everything depends on willpower. Her choice of vibrant colours emphatically reflect her approach to life. She says, “It is my willpower which made me continue my education even after my physical disability and gave me the courage to complete my graduation in fine arts from Lucknow Arts College.”

Artist Sreekant Dube, from Benaras, who paints with his left hand could not fulfill his dreams of entering the army as his right arm got amputated when he accidently touched a high watt electric wire which was let loose to avoid stray animals from destroying a field.

After six months of hospitalisation, the artist shifted his stream from science to arts and triumphed over all difficulties as he trained himself to write and paint with his left hand.

He had an initial interest in painting and went on to pursue his masters in arts from Kanpur University. Sreekant says, “Painting is as important to me as breathing.”

Being January 26 the occasion on which he will exhibit his work, Sreekant says, “My father and two younger brothers are in the army and I wanted to follow the same career path but the unfortunate accident changed my life. Being a part of the Republic Day celebration in some way is a matter of pride for me.”

Sreekant uses various mediums to bring out simple movements through his strokes. He will paint live this Republic Day to express his love and gratitude to the ones who served the nation.

Both artists will salute the soldiers of war as they themselves continue to fight their never-ending fight against destiny.