Warne involved in a road rage incident

Warne involved in a road rage incident

Australian spin legend Shane Warne today found himself in the middle of a road rage incident when a cyclist hit the bonnet of his car at a traffic light here.

Warne reported the run-in incident with the cyclist, which happened when he returned home after training at the MCG, to the Police.

Warne said the cyclist grabbed his car for a free ride and then, at a change of traffic lights, hit his Ferrari at the bonnet.

"A bike rider hit my car then held on to my car to pull him through traffic," Warne wrote on his Twitter page.

"Lights change, he pulls out in front of me, whacks my bonnet with his hand and pulls out in front of all traffic. I yell out 'Hey buddy, what the hell are you doing?' and he abuses me. He stops in front of me and holds up traffic and just stays on his bike," he wrote.

"It's amazing how things pan out, I have only been saying recently please bike riders obey the road rules and keep it safe for everyone."

Another cyclist who saw the incident, however, claimed Warne intentionally clipped the cyclist following an argument.

"I was riding behind him and they were arguing when I got there. He definitely ran into him in his car on purpose. He didn't even try to swerve to miss him," he was quoted as saying by 'Herald Sun'.

"It was a busy intersection on St Kilda Rd and there were cars in the left-hand lane and Shane was trying to turn left and he was in the right-hand lane and he must have blocked the guy," he said.

"I read his account of it on Twitter and it was obvious he was trying to cover up the fact he was in the wrong."