I do not advise Shruti: Kamal Hassan

I do not advise Shruti: Kamal Hassan

Shruti and Kamal Hassan

"I have never given any tips or advice to Shruti, as I would not like to be advised at her age. She has taken her own course, she could have very well taken up music instead of acting. If she asks for advice, then probably I could give her some reference points," says the Tamil superstar.

Shruti made her debut in Bollywood this year with 'Luck', which did not do well at the box office and now the multi-talented actress is composing the music for her father's next film '', a Tamil adaptation of Niraj Pandey's 'A Wednesday'. She has also roped in her younger sister Akshara to choreograph a video for the same.
"Shruti is trained in classical music, although she is more into Rock and Jazz. Akshara has just started off, and she has a long way to go," says the doting father.
Although 'Unnaipol Ooruvan' is a remake of 'A Wednesday', Hassan insists that his version of the film is different.

"My Wednesday is a different Wednesday, it could be a Thursday or a Friday. India is a democracy and the politics here changes from state to state, so my film is also made with a different rhetoric," says the actor, who was in the capital to attend a screening of his film 'Hey Ram' marking his 50th year in Indian cinema.

The 55-year-old actor who debuted with 'Kalathoor Kannammaa' as a child artist in 1960 has acted in about 150 films in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi and Bengali.
The actor, who made his directorial debut with the superhit comedy 'Chachi 420', says that the audience are his driving points and he enjoys directing a film more than acting.

"The audience drives me because they decide whether a film is good or bad. It is magical to watch your performance along with the audience. I make films for that experience," he says.
"Directing is more interesting because the story is under your control, and also you can see the film while you are making it. You get a hand on your own creation, instead of carrying a load on your back," he adds.

The Tamil superstar who dons a number of hats at the same time, that of an actor, a director, producer and a singer insists that his life lacks balance.
"The beauty of my work is absolute lack of balance. If I try to strike a balance, I would have to see a psychiatrist. For the past 20 years I have had a holiday time, as work has become enjoyment for me," says Hassan.
The actor-turned director, who has helmed comic capers like 'Chachi 420' as well as serious films like 'Hey Ram', says that he does not make movies to deliver a message.

"My process of making a movie is like chatting after reading a newspaper. I cannot change the society but my medium reflects the society. I do not deliver any message through my films," he adds.

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