Cong slams 'hypocrite' BJP over Lokayukta

Cong slams 'hypocrite' BJP over Lokayukta

The Congress party on Wednesday attacked the BJP and Chief Minister Narendra Modi after the Gujarat High Court verdict upheld the appointment of Lokayukta in the state by the governor.

Speaking on the issue, Mohan Prakash, Congress in-charge of Gujarat affairs stated that the BJP misled the country on the issue and the party should apologise to country.

“We welcome the verdict passed by Gujarat High Court. The whole of the BJP misled the country on the issue of Lokayukta. The BJP had given a resolution to President of India and demanded calling back Gujarat Governor after he appointed a Lokayukta in the state. Now, the Governor’s decision has been upheld by the High Court, so the BJP should apologise to country,” Mohan Prakash said.

Prakash also alleged that the BJP had undermined the constitutional institutions of the country and said the party has been maintaining double standard on the appointment of anti-corruption watchdog in Gujarat. In an obvious attack on Team Anna, which had spearheaded a protest campaign demanding a strong Lokpal, the Congress leader said,
“Even those groups, who had been supporters of strong Lokpal and Lokayukta maintained a conspicuous silence on the issue of Lokayukta in Gujarat.”

Earlier in the day, in a major setback to Chief Minister Narendra Modi, the Gujarat High Court upheld the appointment of Justice R A Mehta as Lokayukta by Governor Kamla Beniwal. Mehta was appointed Lokayukta in August 26, 2011. This was challenged by Modi stating that he was not consulted on the matter.

Another Congress leader Rashid Alvi said that the BJP, which joined the protest at Jantar Mantar demanding strong Lokpal, has decided to go to the Supreme Court against the High Court verdict on the appointment of Lokayukta in the state, which shows the hypocritical approach of the party on the issue.